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Why is Ozain so powerful in Santeria? The Orisha del Monte

Ozain santeria

Each ritual in the Rule of Osha or Santeria must always be accompaniedañaof specific powers concerning herbs and natural powers, which is why Ozain, Orisha of Nature, is one of the most important and recognized deities within the Yoruba pantheon.

Osain in the Yoruba religion, is one of those sent by Olodumare for the creation and shaping of the world. He was assigned the protection of all the herbal elements of nature.

  • His full name is Osain Oguenegui Aguaddo Kuni-Kuni, although he is also known as Osain Agguchuiye.  

Osain physically is usually depicted with a prominent head, larger than his own body with a single eye, a very large ear, a large mouth, and a single foot.

These physical imperfections are said to be due to a confrontation with the God of thunder, Shango, which attacked him with its rays.

In the Yoruba religion however, it is also stated that Osain's deformations are symbols that everything in life must be obtained with effort and work.

Characteristics that define Ozain as an Orisha of great power in the Rule of Osha:

Osain is an Orisha healer who uses his gifts to eliminate ailments and plagues and who habita to the banks of rivers, plains or places with abundant undergrowth, where he studies and prepares, learning about the properties of plants.

It is the same plant force, being the owner of all herbs that have magical powers and as such, it is the deity of the pharmacopoeia.

He always carries one of his main attributes: the hanging Güiro, a power tool conferred with great divination and esoteric powers. In fact, Osain is claimed to speak through the güiro.

This güiro is composed of various herbs, which also relates it to healing virtues for the benefit of those initiated into the Yoruba religion.

Likewise, the marimbo stands out as one of the main attributes of Osain, which contains land from the four corners: north, south, east, west, and other important components such as:

  • Metal filing, silver coins, river water among others, to represent the forces of nature associated with this Orisha.

The ashé of herbs and Osain's wisdom

Within the religious practices that characterize the Rule of Osha (santeria), the use made of plants is important and sacred, which can provide the powers that only Osain can help us use, through:

  • Concoctions,
  • omieros (herbal prepared waters)
  • infusions or purification baths and
  • cleaning the energy field.

And because of the importance that is given to the knowledge of the ashé of the herbs or Ewes within religious practices, the work of the osainist in the houses of saint is sacred, same that he will study and guide his brothers of religion in the correct use of each one of the herbs and its secrets.

The osainites They are dedicated to the study, knowledge and implementation of herbs within spiritual rituals and ceremonies.

It is they who possess the power and ashé of nature through Osain del Monte.

Learn more about the ancient Ozain del Monte:

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