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Ogbe Otura's story of Ozain's secret and his pact with Elegguá

Ozain and Elegguá

In this odun Ozai He knelt to call the rain and with its arrival feed the plants, living beings that depend on the earth and the sun to grow and develop.

When Ozain prayed, he revitalized the dying herbs and the birds sent their messages to the other Orishas, ​​who came to him to make pacts and develop sorceries, since no one knew better the plants and the secrets of the forest than this deity.

The orisha Elegguá wanted to know the powers of Ozain del Monte

Eleggua He always wanted to know what were the secrets that Ozain treasured with so much zeal, which is why he went to the Orisha's house daily to get information from him, but he was silent before Eshú's interests, leaving him even more eager for knowledge than before.

Thus Elegguá, who was the king of the trap, would not perish in his attempts so easily and just as he who does not want the thing continued to exert pressure in order to obtain his purpose.

Ozain, who realized Eshu's true intentions, commented to Oyá yansa about what was happening and together they talked about how to mislead the mischievous Orisha. 

Then Eshú began to seduce Oyá with presents to win her over and thus get the saint to reveal Ozain's secret to her.

Orula advises Elegguá to achieve his wish

one mañana before visiting the house of the mountain deity, Eshú went to the foot of orunmila, who recommended that:

He will bring two black hens to Oyá and that along the way he was plucking them and asking for himself, the fulfillment of his desire.

Oyá He received the enchanted chickens with great pleasure and with the plucked feathers he summoned a gust of wind and created a path so that, without wanting it, Elegguá would discover Ozain's secret by himself.  

Yansa prayed over Eshú consecrating him on the path of Ozain, so that he could resist the powers of the Orisha and then he left for the mountain following the trail.

Elegguá discovers that Ozain's power was born from nature

Upon his arrival at Mount Elegguá, he saw in the distance the silhouette of Ozain, who was kneeling on the ground praying and marking signs.

Then it began to rain and the trees danced gratefully, giving the Orisha new energy.

In this way, Eshu understood that Ozain's power lay in nature and that, without its existence, the Orisha would lose his gifts.

Ozain, who had realized what had happened, was forced to welcome Elegguá as his apprentice and from that day on a pact was born between both Orishas.

Learn more about Osain, the orisha of the Mount in the Rule of Osha-Ifá:

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