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Why did Ozain del Monte help Kawó Silé win a war?

Ozain and Shango

On a certain occasion, a sorcerer appropriated a güiro to carry out his magical practices, it locked inside some spirits that he had captured in different territories.

His work was so good that a permanent buzzing could be heard inside the güiro that ended up frightening him.

So he went to the river where he left it to his fate, because he thought that the container would explode at any moment and he did not want to be harmed when this happened.

Pataki where Shangó gives Ozain a powerful güiro

When the güiro touched the river water, it quickly acquired another power, turning the buzz into words, so it was possible to clearly hear what the spirits were speaking and how they conspired against the sorcerer.

When he heard his words, he fled from there and never visited that place again.

One day that Kawo Sile he had a great war, he went to the foot of Orula so that he would consult him, marking the resolution of his problems through an ebbo.

Orumila told him that once the ebbó was done, he should take it to a river where the work would culminate and from then on he would see the positive results he needed.  

Orula marks Shango ebbó so that he would be victorious in the war

Kawó Silé complied with the words of the great soothsayer and obediently went to deposit the ebbó in the river.

Upon his arrival he noticed the existence of a güiro and when he was closer to it he heard how he spoke, a fact that caught his attention.

Therefore, he picked it up and took it home, thinking of later giving it to Ozain, who was an expert in enchantments of that nature.

The continuous talking of the güiro had Kawó Silé tormented so he without delay took him to Ozain's house, to whom he gave it as a gift so that with his powers he could decipher what it was about.

Ozain and his powers help Shango win the battle against his enemies

Ozain, seeing such a powerful spell, felt happy and at the same time challenged, so he used all his knowledge to master the güiro to perfection.

Taking advantage of the surprise visit, Kawó Silé told Ozain the problems he was going through and how Orumila had helped him.

Then Ozain who felt grateful decided to help him solve the war he had with his enemies, since then the friendship between Kawó Silé and Ozain grew stronger.

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