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Why can't the Orishas engañara Orula? ≫ Pataki

Orula Pact

orula He is considered the first prophet in the world, sent by Olodumare the Supreme God to control the evolution of all his creations. His name, Orunmila, means "only heaven knows who will be saved"

It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and reveals the past, the present and the future through the secret of Ifá. Only he allows the communication of men with all the orishas through divinatory methods that show the future of the devotees and what they must do to overcome evil and face it successfully.

Orunmila, as soothsayer and owner of the oracle, has the possibility of influencing the destiny of men on earth, although this is the most adverse, his wisdom is capable of solving any problem in life.  

And it is that Orula knows everything and sees everything, nobody can deceiveañarlo. Those who do not heed their advice can be victims of the Osogbos, curses and negative energies sent by Eshú, the deity that governs the malevolent, and suffer strong consequences.

Pataki: Shango, Oggún and Ochosi make a pact with orula

This Pataki says that there was a time when the land suffered from great scarcity and the orishas did not have enough food to survive.

However, the sage Orula lived comfortably, since the aleyos he consulted provided him with food and many animals.

Faced with the desperate situation, they met Shango the king of thunder, Ogun the owner of iron and the vigilante ochosi and they agreed to propose a pact to Orula to solve the situation that everyone was going through.

They would go out hunting and share with the fortune teller the result of their work, and thus they would not lack their daily sustenance. Orula, who lived better, gladly accepted.

The hunting and the lie of Oggún and Oshosi

The next day the three Orishas went out into the mountains to hunt some animals in order to feed and share as agreed.

The warrior Ogún, who had gone out first, found a goat, but as he hoped to be able to hunt other animals and was very hungry, he ate it.

Later Ochosi, with his skill with the bow and arrow, was able to capture a hutía, but he also ate it in the hope of achieving something more with his skills as a good hunter and owner of the forest.

In the last place was Shango, who only caught a mouse and put it in his pocket. The others were unable to hunt any other animals all day.

Orula's punishment before deception

When the three hunters arrived at Orula's house, the only one who could account for their hunt was Shango.

Ogun and Ochosi said that they had not been able to achieve anything, but nobody deceived Orula.aña and he took out a basket and told them “Throw it all in here”.

So Oggún and Ochosi vomited what they had eaten and were starving, while Shangó and Orula kept their deal.

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