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Godparents and godchildren, a spiritual relationship

Santeria godfather

Yoruba religion establishes a close relationship between godparents and godchildren. The godparents are in charge of guiding their godchildren or protected along the spiritual path until they find their Guardian Angel and meet the Orishas.

And many times we have witnessed the special relationship that santeros share, since the godfather is for the godson like a protective father and as such the godson must respect and listen to him.

The role of the godfather on the spiritual path

And it is that it has always been pointed out that being a sponsor is a serious decision and is a call to serve not only the Orishas and Olodumare, but also the people in need, mainly of spiritual growth, that surround them.

To be a babalawo, santero and godfather, you also need discipline, commitment and, above all, a vocation to work with human beings who need help and a lot of guidance. Well, a bad behavior can negatively affect the life of that person who begins his spiritual path.

Duties of a sponsor towards his godson:

  • Give the godson the saints they received at their coronation, including their snails and their Itá notebook.
  • Watch over the religious development of your godson, without getting involved in personal matters.
  • Guide, advise and share your wisdom to aid in the personal and spiritual growth of your godson.
  • Teach the spiritual path, according to their study and knowledge.
  • Comply with the celebrations of the godson's anniversary and be present at this commemoration.
  • Show your godson the conditions of humility, devotion, selflessness, respect, consideration and sacrifice that are characteristic of every santero.
  • Help the godson in case of any illness, accident or problem situation.
  •  Clarify how much doubt the godson has and even resort to investigation or other babalawos if there is no answer.
  • Treat all of your sponsees with respect, esteem, and consideration.
  • Call the attention of the godson if he is having behavior that is not in accordance with religious ethics and help him to get out of the wrong way.

Respect of the godson for his elders

As a godson, you should meet the godfather and talk to him about religious interests, in addition to participating in religious house activities.

Detailed knowledge of the Orishas and everything concerning them and of the songs and prayers, rituals and ceremonies must be acquired little by little. All of this must be done under the guidance of the sponsor.

Duties of a godson towards his godfather:

  • Comply with the requirements and guidelines of the Rule of Osha and Ifá, with ethics, morality and responsibility.
  • Address your sponsor with the due respect and consideration established by religion.
  • Act with respect, humility and love before their elders.
  • Attend the celebrations and events held by their sponsors.
  • Help their godparents in cases of need.
  • Receive only the relevant religious teachings offered by your sponsor, respecting the hierarchical secrets of religion.
  • Consult and ask to help your sponsor to carry out the pending works for Itá.

Religious ties united by faith

It is a concern of many santeros today, the separation that sometimes occurs between godparents and godchildren for different reasons. And it is that the bond that is established in this relationship must be united by faith and love of religion, based on respect and commitment.

There are those who consecrated the godson only for the economic interest and then abandoned him and there are the people who were consecrated and leave their godfather's house due to disagreements, problems, etc.

The fact is that many devotees have made a call to recover the closest relationship that santeros can have, say godmother / godfather-godson, because those who abandon it will be losing their spiritual path.

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