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The Pagugu, the staff to call the dead


As attention to eggunes or spirits of the dead is essential in the Yoruba religion, there are numerous ritual tools to carry out ceremonies in honor of our ancestors.

One of these elements is the Pagugu o dead man's staff, one of the mystical additions of the Yoruba, surrounded by mysteries, legends and secrets impossible to unravel.añar.

And is that the Pagugu it is used to properly invoke the spiritual forces of the egguns and is complemented by another equally sacred element, the Eggun tile.

The Pagugu, where to place it?

El Pagugu it is a highly spiritual element and thus should be shown due respect, as it helps to create a communicative bond with the ancestors.

It is placed next to the Eggun Tile and accompaniesañaDo for 9 transparent glass glasses with water and a candle in a corner of the house, preferably in the patio.

The best thing is that those who have the possibility to build these attachments a specific place outside the house, at the foot of a ceiba tree, which is the quintessential tree of the spirits, the divine throne of the ancestors and the Orishas.

Offerings such as: Coffee, sugar water, flowers, liquor, cigars, honey and special offerings can be placed on this site dedicated to the Egguns.

How is it used the staff?

El Caller of the DeadPagugu o Pagugu ni EggunAll are denominations for the liturgical staff that invokes the egguns and that carries a load that is placed on top of it.

El pagugu ni eggun It is used to properly invoke the forces of our ancestors only by the Yoruba priest or babalawo. It is also recommended to use it in a spiritual mass at the site where Eggun is attended. With the cane they hit the ground to summon the spirits.

El Pagugu ni Eggun it can take several forms.

There are them with a head carved in wood in the shape of a skull, a serpent, two faces, an African head and other designs as requested by the spirit or by inspiration of the Priest.

A hole is carefully drilled in the upper part that will then be loaded with different liturgical elements.

We must clarify that not all Pagugu ni Eggun They carry the same burden and should never be used by a person other than a Yoruba priest.

Spiritualists also use a similar staff, but it does not carry a burden.

The spiritual meaning and the ancestral secrets that this staff contains brings to this day such a powerful tool capable of connecting the vital energy between the earth and the ancestors.

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