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10 Things about Palma Real where habita Shango, the Yoruba king

Palma Shango

In Cuba in the Rule of Osha the palm is the kingdom of Shango, is your Ilé (home).

Shango is faithful to the ceiba tree, but his throne is the majestic royal palm, where the palm is, the King of Kings is located. The Shango tree in Africa is called Ayá and it is made of very hard wood.

Also in the lofty palms the mistress of the winds and sparks is worshiped Oyá, who is inseparable from Shangó, goes by his side to all battles and wars with him, always defending him. In addition to Oyá tribute is paid to Aggayu Solá and the jimaguas Ibhey.

From the palm Shango watches over and takes care of his children, but also from there he communicated with his women, served as a lookout point and to transmit his messages by signs.

It happened one day that the powerful Oyá who was his wife, according to the pataki, he realized what Shangó was doing because he always climbed to the top of the palm tree.

But Shangó also realized that his wife was spying on him, so the orisha filled the palm with lizards since Oyá afraid of these animals. When her warrior wife decided to climb she fled in terror when she saw them and with her spark she burned her palm.

The superb palm is white with rays more than any other tree.

The palm has multiple uses in the Yoruba religion:

Palma Real Shango
  1. Different offerings are placed on the palm and Ebboses to Shango, they usually touch its trunk with 6 strokes which is the door of their house and also embrace it with great faith and love when invoking it.
  2. The leaves of the palms (the pencas) are part of the ritual costumes of Shango, also of the warriors Oshosi and Oggún. They wear a mariwó (skirt with dry fringes) on their clothes, taken from the most tender leaves of the palm and are placed on the waist of the Iyawó (initiated in the religion).
  3. The stalks are also placed as curtains in the upper part of the entrance door of the Igbodun or room, where ceremonies and consecrations are performed.
  4. They are used on thrones simulating a mountain, according to the tutelary Orisha.
  5. With coconut fibers from the palm a brush is made that is used by Babalu Aye and it is called Já, it is also used by Nana Buruku. With the Já they make Ebbóses.
  6. La Palma is the staff of Aggayú Solá, the father of Shango, the giant of Osha, Orisha with strong arms and volcanoes.
  7. With the wood of the palm, the Oché de Shangó (representative figure of Shango) is made, which goes inside his pan and is a reinforcement of the king of fire.
  8. Many sons of Shango on their altars cannot lack toy palms that represent the kingdom of the King of the drum.
  9. At the foot of the palms is where Shango throws his stone and after 7 years the sacred stones of lightning come out of the earth (an attribute of Shango).
  10. They offer to Shango at the foot of the palm, flour with okra, green bananas, fruits, cashews, mamey that he likes very much and the palms answer and work.

The Royal Palm It produces especially to the Oni Shango (children) a great attraction, it is something magical in her sight, even without knowing that they are her children she tempts them to admire her. And it is that the royal palm is the irrefutable castle of the king of the drum.

It is also this tree that offers us from the roof to the hats to protect the lerí (head).

So when you see her say hello with great respect KAÓ KABIESILÉ, SHANGÓ ALUFINA! 

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