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El Palo «Cambia Rumbo» and its powers in the Sagrada Regla Mayombe

Palo changes course

The Palos called iguis in Yoruba play an important role within religious practices, as they have deep secrets of ancestral ceremonies developed by the first Yoruba practitioners who used these timbers in the religious consecrations from which the religion was born. we know it today.

These can be used in the realization of enchantments to do good as well as evil, having a high level of effectiveness after sunset, at which time supernatural forces and spirits obtain greater power, allowing them through the use of these Spell development suits the abilities to accomplish their tasks more quickly and directly.

"Change Destination" to mislead the enemy

Palo changes the enemy's course

The suit changes course or changes destination It is used by the mayombero in order to mislead the enemy, making him lose track of the person involved.

It is used as a blinding blindfold of the truth, which exerts such an influence on its victim that it is able to cloud even their thoughts, causing them to incur decisions and behaviors that by then could have become wrong.

This is one of the few pieces of wood capable of questioning even the voice of conscience.

Modifier of the person's astral path

This wood has been part of spells invoked to dominate the will of other people and mystically influence their decisions, making them change them for the benefit of the mayomberos who performs the enchantment.

It is a stick on which special care must be taken as it is capable of tarnishing and modifying the person's astral path, irreversibly destroying their destiny.

Its greatest virtue is primarily related to its gifts, since among its properties the power it possesses to remove and destroy forced physical and spiritual bonds stands out.

It is highly effective in destroying other enchantments and moorings, especially those developed in the first quarter and full moon.

Defense weapon to beat

The stick changes course He is able to work alongside other timbers, which enhance his powers by making his gifts more effective, which is why he can be observed in the company of his peers.

It is a great defense weapon in the Rule of the Suit Mayombe especially related to jobs where it is combined with the tree called I can more than you, a ritual that is invoked in order to defeat enemies.

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