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Characteristics of Tiembla Tierra in Palo Mayombe, prayers and offerings

Palo Mayombe Shakes Earth

Many times we have heard in the Cuban's own casual talk, the denomination of Tiembla Tierra, referring to someone who should be highly respected.

Although many do not widely know the meaning of this name, it is known that it contains great power.

And it is that Earth Trembles is an immense spiritual force of the Palo Mayombe rule, which is considered a mpgungo or king of the world.

It is believed that this important deity of the Palo pantheon controls the Universe and everything that stands on it.

It is the representative of the purest and the highest in terms of mentality and wisdom that a human being can achieve.

The color white belongs to Tiembla Tierra, the purest deity to which the mayomberos pay tribute.

Tremble Earth is also called:

  • Ma Kengue
  • Yola
  • Gangbang
  • Mama Kengue

It is the spirit of wisdom and justice that ensures peace and protection, but is very demanding within their religious worship, where they are governed by Congas rules.

It is said that only he can balance the forces of both good and evil.

Who is Tiembla Tierra? The King of the World in Palo Mayombe

It is said that Earth Trembles is part of the creative energy of the entire Universe, known as Nsambia Mpungo.

The deity was part of the group of 16 mpungo, who were entrusted with the task of shaping everything that would exist in the world.

Therefore, he is associated with paternal energy, seen by stick followers, as a father of deities and devotees, an old man whose advice is always grateful and highly respected.

In addition, it is said that with its presence the energies remain controlled, especially in the case of being antagonistic or in contradiction.

In other words, he can put an end to conflicts between other members of the Mayombe pantheon as a virtuous and impartial judge.

However, the strength of Tiembla Tierra, as its name indicates, is associated with mountains.añasy hills, so their wrath must be feared.

And it is that, with his wisdom and experience, Tiembla Tierra helps all his children and faithful believers to move forward in life, to make up their minds and reach their destiny, but he does not admit any kind of disrespect.

The Earth Trembles can also be maternal and paternal, since it is considered endowed with both masculine and feminine essence, and it is said that, from it, the notions of sexuality and fertility were born through which the human race advances through the different stages.

Offerings to Earth Tremble, andl Father of the World and of everything that exists

In the Rule of Palo Monte, everyone who has been consecrated ngangulero, must present offerings to Tiembla Tierra in the cauldron that is delivered during the consecration ceremony.

The first thing that is offered to this spiritual force is the elaboration of a chamba, equivalent to the preparation of an omiero de Osain in the Rule of the Ocha.

The chamba is made from the following herbs: 

  • Elder,
  • marquise,
  • lilies,
  • mango,
  • nail pigment, among others.

We must know that the representative stick of Tiembla Tierra is the ceiba tree, so their offerings must be deposited at the foot of that tree, which is also considered their throne and symbol of their powers.

Animals such as guinea fowl, goats and white doves are also sacrificed to him.

How to invoke Earth Trembling to ask for his advice and blessings?

Tremble Tierra is usually invoked by faithful Mayombero devotees, when they seek his help and protection, justice and peace.

In addition, he is also prayed for advice on the important decisions that we must make in our life.

To count on his support, numerous rituals are also performed, as we explained, at the foot of a ceiba, a sacred tree within the Rule of Palo Monte.

It is emphasized that when invoking and asking for the help of Tiembla Tierra it is important that every ritual is carried out from faith and heart, with great sincerity and recognizing our true intentions before the spirit.

The deities of the Palo pantheon expect each of their followers to act under the principles of honesty indicated by religion.

Powerful prayer and prayer to ask for help from the spirit

To ask for your help, advice and protection we present this beautiful prayer to your deity.

We must pray from a quiet place and with great faith in the immense powers of the spiritual force that is Earth Trembling, so that it listens to us and guides us along the path of life.

Devotion is an extremely important element when praying to Earth Tremble, since he knows how to distinguish the sincerity of his children in each prayer.

For this reason, it is always said that it must be prayed from faith and without doubts or concerns.

  • Thus we pray to Tiembla Tierra to ask for his help in need:

Mighty father who lives in heaven

Spirit that guides my path, making it always clear,

You who give me light when darkness reigns

Grant me to have your support and shelter,

I am your son, you live and reign in my heart,

You are present in every place where I am, and you accompany meañas in my home.

I ask you from your great castle to send me holy messengers,

So that they cover me with all your spiritual cotton,

And with keeping me in peace and protected,

Thank you Earth shakes in the name of God and

All the supreme spirits. Amen.

Earth trembles and its syncretism in Santeria

The figure of Earth Trembling and its powers and qualities is associated with the importance and relevance of Father Orisha Obatalá, within the Santeria or Rule of Osha.

Obbatalá is the Orisha creator of the world and human beings, father of deities and men and possessor of gifts of wisdom unmatched in the Yoruba Pantheon.

Both deities are syncretized in Catholicism with the Virgen de las Mercedes.

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