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The "lose course", powerful plant to mislead the enemy

Stick loses course

On a certain occasion Oshún the deity who owns the honey of bees took the dash and the ékuele from orula and hid it, leaving the great Oracle of Ifá completely unprotected.

At that time the soothsayer had to travel to another town, moreover, he had no means to defend himself against his enemies.

Even so, he had to leave in the company because his presence in distant lands was of life or death.

Pataki: Orula's enemies lead him into danger

Upon his departure, his enemies who were lying in wait began to follow him.

Meanwhile, the Oracle was entering the mountain, the possibility of being close to civilization and being helped by any walker was nil.

Since he had no weapons with which to defend himself, he had to travel a long stretch of the path blindly, and when the danger of being ambushed became imminent, the sage Orisha launched into a long race to save his life.

The fortune teller meets the "Guardian of the Mount"

During his intention to escape he found a woman with an unattractive and grotesque figure who stopped him to ask what was wrong with her.

Orumila, who was in a desperate position, began to tell the woman what had happened.

And since fate is unpredictable and impetuous, it turned out that the woman with whom the fortune teller was speaking was the guardian deity of the mount, Orisha sister of osain who was a witch, connoisseur of herbs and healer.  

The pact that saved Orula from her enemies

Seeing Orumila's despair, he decided to help him not without first sealing a pact with him.

This was that she would offer her protection in exchange for the oracle granting her the happiness of being a mother, a good that she had desired for a long time.

Orula was undecided by the impressive appearance of the lady, further away the silhouette of the enemy could be seen, then he agreed to fulfill his part of the bargain.

Suddenly the peculiar woman disappeared, but not before informing the oracle that she had left a surprise for him at the entrance.añas of the earth.

The "loses course", the stick that wins battles

Then Orula noticed that in the place where the woman had lain, a plant (ewe) was sprouting from which she took a branch.

When his enemies approached they could not find his trace, making himself practically imperceptible.

From that day on, the "loses course" was born as a direct gift to Orula, a herb that from that moment was used by the religious under the order of the Orisha soothsayer to mislead enemies and win battles.

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