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Palo Santo, ritual and medicinal element with great spiritual significance

Palo santo spiritual

The Palo Santo o bursera graveolens It is a species of the Burseraceae family, which grows in dry forests in much of tropical America on the Pacific coast of South America.

It can reach 10 meters in height, with smooth, gray bark, and once pinnate leaves, up to 28 centimeters.

The tree is extremely famous for the essential oil that is produced from its fruit. Currently this product is exported to markets such as the United States, Switzerland, Italy, Spain.aña, France, Costa Rica, Mexico, Chile, among others, for its innumerable properties and its magical mythical uses.

Medicinal properties of this sacred Palo

Numerous cultures of the world used palo santo oil, such as manteña, machalilla, valdivia, and Inca. They used their smoke for aromatic and therapeutic purposes.

But also the palo santo has now shown that it has numerous medicinal properties, including:

  • for the treatment of neuralgia
  • for the treatment of colds
  • as a diuretic
  • the bark soaked in alcohol is used against rheumatism
  • the cooking crust is sudorific
  • the leaves are used in cooking as an antispasmodic
  • antiseptic
  • antidepressant
  • mosquito repellent

To obtain essential oils through steam distillation, the tree must die on its own and dry out for a minimum of 40 years, which is why palo santo oil is so sought after and admired.

Palo santo and its spiritual meaning

The palo santo has been used by shamans, santeros and healers of different religions for a long time, as a tool to attract good luck, ward off negativity and to achieve good spiritual communication.

It is an important ritual element in many religions, always to link the spiritual path with humanity. As its name describes it well, it is a blessed stick that helps, protects and intercedes on our behalf.

In the santera practice and current spiritualist, the palo santo is used for numerous purposes, including:

  • Expel bad energies and attract positive vibes
  • As a talisman to maintain harmony in the family
  • Palo santo crosses protect homes from any witchcraft
  • Its aroma helps to pray and meditate
  • Clean and purify environments
  • Eliminate conflict at home

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