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5 Clubs of foundation in the Rule of Palo Mayombe that you should know

Palo Mayombe sticks

The Sacred Rule of the Suit Mayombe It bases its ritual practices on natural elements, being the sticks, as its name indicates, its main source of power and energy.

Diverse are the deities that are based on these trunks to carry out their enchantments, which are almost always accompanied byañan of other secret ingredients and rituals to public judgment.

Sticks that provide energy and power:

Sticks of the Rule of stick Mayombe

The Palo Hacha is used by Sarabanda to fight.

The Palo Ax It is used by Sarabanda warrior deity when it is necessary to overcome a conflict.

Among its virtues is the ability it has to help disincarnate the soul from its matter once the day of final judgment has arrived.

The Palo Negro attribute of Lucero to defeat enemies.

The Palo Negro as its name indicates, it identifies with the tone from which its name comes.

This wood is used in the realization of vigorous enchantments which are used in negative actions fundamentally.

Lucero is very happy to work with this stick, because through it it clouds the paths of the enemies, leaving them in complete spiritual gloom, it is a difficult log to find and acquire.

The Palo Syringe possesses the virtue of Mother of Water.

El Palo Syringe It corresponds to the deity called Mother of Water, this is in charge of offering human beings the goods they deserve depending on their actions, among its qualities is severity and protection.

The paleros use it pulverized in jobs that are related to marriage, especially with unions that present marital problems in order to offer a solution to them as it is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

The Palo Diablo is the most evil stem of the Mayombe Rule.

Who does not want to have serious problems that does not mess with Lucero or his Devil stick.

This is the most evil log in the entire Mayombe arsenal.

Destructive invocations are made on this stick in response to high-gravity events. This tree receives multiple secret consecrations daily, which increase its power.

For me, a stick used by Tiembla Tierra to attract development.

The stick for me It is used by mayomberos to attract development while bringing people who are destined in one way or another to be together sharing bonds.

This trunk always works togetherañado del Amansa Guapo, a stick that enhances his magical powers allowing him to exert greater influence over what he wishes to obtain.

This wood is credited with the ability to create very effective and long-lasting love enchantments.

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