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Prayers to the Queens of the Two Waters for fertility and health

For ochún and yemayá

ochun, is the owner of the river and sister of Yemaya, goddess of the seas, both are energy and water, mothers of fish, transparent and energetic Orishas like the currents of the river and the sea.

Both are known in the Yoruba religion as the Queens of the Two Waters, those who support each other at all times, sisters of heart who attend the pleas of those who do so with faith.

Prayers to Ochún for health and fertility

Oshún is the Goddess of Love and Rivers, she is a bedside Osha and represents the intensity of feelings, love at its best and spirituality, sensuality and femininity.

She, like her sister Yemayá, protects pregnant women and women in labor from all evil. She is prayed for fertility and the blessing of children and to achieve luck in family life.

Oshún is considered a very powerful deity and for this reason he is prayed to implore his help in different aspects of life such as love, fortune and prosperity, and especially health.

As long as faith and respect are shown, Oshún will listen to us and help us to overcome those difficult moments, giving us the necessary strength to move forward.

If we can approach the sweet waters of her rivers, from there, at her feet, she will listen to us with love.

With the waters of the rivers, she carries away all traces of diseases and ailments. Next, we offer a prayer to Oshún to ask him with great faith for healing and to ward off illnesses.

Prayer to Ochún to ask for good health

We light a white candle for Oshún and put sunflowers on it, then we pray to him and entrust him with our health and that of our loved ones.

Oshún, Lady of the waterfall.

Oh! Oshún beautiful and wonderful:

Take away all evil when it hurts.

I adore you and protect you, oh! Divine Mother!

Bless me with your goodness and your justice.

I pray that, in this moment of pain,

pour on me, Oshún, your merciful eyes.

May its waters calm my poor soul,

and may I receive your thanks

and the hope of regaining health.

Mother be merciful to me,

alleviate my pain and suffering.

Restore my physical and spiritual health,

and open my ways to a better future.

So be it. Amen

Oshún is also asked for fertility. Many women acclaim her as the protector of pregnant women.

If a woman decides to ask Oshún for help to get pregnant, it is recommended that she dress in the colors that the Orisha likes (warm colors especially yellow) and that they address her with faith and devotion.

Prayer to Oshún for fertility, asking for the blessing of a son

¡Oh blessed goddess Oshún!

Goddess of the waters of all rivers

Revered for the power you have in life

We come to you to honor and bless you

Blessed mother of mine

Today I come before you

So that you have mercy on me, and allow me to be a mother

I beg you my dear goddess

That you fill my belly with life

That you bring light to my life, and to my family

Give me the blessing of being able to be a mother

From the fruit of myañas

Just as you allowed the women of the orishas to conceive

Allow me to conceive a beloved child

I know that everything that you propose you achieve

That's why I come before you

To find some comfort in my life

I promise you holy mother

That the fruit that I obtain from my womb

It will be for you

And I will consecrate it to your devotion and veneration

Just as we do your faithful servants

I thank you blessed Oshún

Because you hear our prayers

And because I know that a faithful of yours has not been left without an answer.

Prayers to Yemayá to ask for health and fertility

Yemayá is the divinity of the salty waters and the orisha of motherhood. It is present in the energies of nature, symbolized by the waves and the sea, the fish, the currents, the intense blue of its waters.

She is the mother of all children on earth and represents the source of life, fertility and motherhood. Yemayá is considered one of the most powerful Orishas and all kinds of requests are addressed to her, most of them asking for love, prosperity and, above all, health and fertility.

The prayers to the orisha must always be related to her representative element in nature, the sea. Therefore, to ask for our health or that of those close to us, we must find it in the waves.

Facing the sea and located on the shore, we speak to the goddess and invoke her name. We bring you white roses and ask you to help us and protect us in difficult times. We pray to her and implore for well-being, so that she hears us and bless us and with her waters, take away the ills that afflict us.

Prayer to Yemayá for health:

Oh great goddess Yemayá!

You who are the Mother of the World,

You are the force that maintains creation,

Queen of all goods and breath of life itself.

Mother of all mothers,

The sea being your symbol and the salt is your brand.

Your protection is infinite and eternal,

For what I ask you now, help us, our Mother,

provide us with what we need to live,

that there is no lack of food, health, love and money,

may we not lack the necessary strength to move forward,

the strength that we extract from your immense sea,

may we not lack a roof and a home, and disease may never come.

Oh hail beloved goddess Yemayá!

YemayaAs the mother and patroness of women, especially pregnant women, she is closely linked to prayers for fertility and women raise their voices to ask for fertility and a pregnancy without risk.

Let us bear in mind that to make any Prayer to Yemayá, a white candle must be lit, you can also make offerings, both for fertility rituals, asking for the blessing of a child, protecting the home, as well as for good fortune, true love and excellent health. But what you offer, however simple it may be, offer it with faith.

Next, we present the prayer to Yemayá for fertility, for love and for when a child is desired from the heart.

Yemayá prayer to get pregnant

Oh mighty mother!

How immense is the love for your children,

O great sovereign! Queen of seas and oceans,

Great protector of home and family,

I ask you noble goddess to attract love to my belly,

To fill my home with love and joy,

 Hail Queen Yemayá!

I ask you holy mother,

That my request be heeded

Send me a child to my womb,

And fill my home with bliss and happiness,

Hail Queen Yemayá!

We ask the Two Waters with great faith and love, both are protective mothers and understand the sadness that one suffers. Let us ask for much health, abundance and goodness for our lives to these powerful and beautiful Orishas of salty and sweet waters.

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