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What are Yellow candles used for? Attracting happiness and prosperity

What are yellow candles used for?

Candles are from ancient times, ritual elements with a mystical meaning that has survived to this day to provide us with spirituality and light.

Each color and typology contains an important spiritual path and we can use them to ask for love, prosperity, health and many other beautiful things for our lives.

Lighting a candle is a symbol of devotion and a request for help and blessings. These elements of light can help us to ward off bad desires, darkness and negative vibes.

However, we must know that the uses and properties of candles may vary depending on the color. In addition, they should always be used with good intention, either for our good or that of our loved ones.

Yellow Candles, their spiritual meaning and their uses

Ritual with yellow candle

Yellow candles are closely related to:

  • The money,
  • the economy,
  • material goods,
  • creativity and
  • the communication.

They are also associated with esoteric rituals to attract joy and good academic results.

In Santeria or the Rule of Osha the yellow candles are associated with the African Goddess of love and honey, Oshun. Many rituals in her name carry a candle of this color that represents her as a Yoruba deity, to invoke and request her.

Turn it on before an exam to clear your mind:

Yellow is the color of the intellect by nature and therefore the yellow candle can be used to bring clarity of thought or awaken the power of the mind.

Nothing better before an exam than to light a yellow candle and meditate thinking about the positive results.

Remove sadness and anguish:

It is also said that these candles attract joy, because they provide vitality and zest for life.

It is very useful to light a yellow candle to alleviate depression or sadness, and to soften surly behavior.

Attract money and prosperity:

The yellow candle also serves to invoke fortune and prosperity, due to the golden symbolism.

We can also turn it on at home to perform spiritual cleansing and eliminate negative energies, because its color and brightness will attract happiness and banish all bad vibes.

These are the most important results of using a yellow candle:

  • It attracts money and material well-being, a new job or home.
  • Protect our home from negative energies
  • Stimulates the mind, and helps concentration, memory and expression of one's own personality.
  • It helps improve communication skills and encourages honest communication, especially in relationships.
  • Increases our vital energy in general.
  • It is used to combat diseases, weaknesses and deficiencies.
  • It favors companies and businesses in general
  • Helps with all kinds of research and studies

Open paths with this ritual and a yellow candle

Yellow candle opens paths
Oranges are also powerful fruits that open doors to new opportunities

First wash the two oranges, choose two very beautiful and healthy fruits, then light the yellow candle, while you speak with faith to your Guardian angel to help you with your problems.

Then you stick 15 cloves into each orange and place the fruits on a white plate and pour honey over them.

Let the yellow candle burn completely and if you can, stay by its side asking your guardian angel.

When the days go by and you think the fruits will go bad, you can throw it away. Remember to do the ritual with great faith asking that the paths of life be opened to you.

More about candles and other rituals with yellow candles

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