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What is and what is the flowery water used for in Santeria? Effective rituals

What is flowery water for?

Florida Water It has important uses as traditional medicine, beauty tonic and spiritual element, especially in American countries.

It is a perfumed water, an American version of the Eau de Cologne, or Eau de Cologne, with a citrus base of sweet orange and orange blossom oil and is añagive other powerful elements including lavender and cloves.

It is said that the name of this fragrant water refers to the Fountain of Youth that was supposedly located in Florida, as well as the floral base of the fragrance.

It is one of the most used instruments in spiritual work, Santeria and esoteric rituals. It is used mainly to prepare purifying baths, works, or spiritual ceremonies and is one of the most common elements in spiritual and religious traditions.

Therefore, we can see that Florida water has different purposes, including:

  • magic rituals
  • spiritual purposes
  • religious offertories
  • spiritual and corporal cleansing
  • for good luck and protection

It is also used for evictions, dispossession, road openers, rituals, both in Santeria works and in spiritualist ceremonies and other religious currents.

El Florida water and its spiritual uses in Cuba

Florida water santeria
Florida water bottle

In Cuba, where syncretism and the mixture of religions predominate, Florida Water is also used for numerous rituals that mainly unite santeras and spiritualist beliefs.

With various purposes and multiple applications, Florida Water is part of magical rituals and spiritual cleansing works, especially aimed at controlling and calming rebellious spirits and warding off bad luck.

Using this item in combination with Cascarilla, helps destroy hexes, witchcraft and evil spirits.

Florida Water also serves for protective baths, combining it with powerful plants such as rue, basil and rosemary. Even those who go on a trip often spray their suitcases with Agua Florida to have a good journey and protect their luggage.

2 Rituals with florida water to ward off the negative from our home

  1. For this first cleaning in your home or business you need parsley, honey, cinnamon, lettuce and flowery water. You prepare the water in a container and combine all the ingredients. You can perform the ritual for five days, leaving a day every other for each cleanse.
  2. Second cleaning: you need serene water, for this you must put a little common water during the whole night in the serene, and remove it in the mañana before the sun rises. In this way the water becomes holy water.

To prepare the cleansing water, you take about 8 handfuls of rice and boil them, then strain it and add the powerful Agua de Florida, 8 egg whites and add añagive the serene water.

Remember to light a candle and ask your protective spirits to give you protection so that all bad things leave the home.

Did you know that the Florida water owns properties medicinal?

Rituals with flowery water

As we have seen, Florida water has important spiritual uses to clean and remove negative energies from the environment.

But, this element is also a special component in medicinal rituals. For example:

  • It is used in skin care, to perform gentle massages after removing makeup.
  • You can also fight common colds, as inhaling the aroma of Florida Water dispersed in a handkerchief will help reduce headaches and coughs.
  • It is also a good method to reduce fever, applying compresses and towels with Agua Florida on the forehead and stomach.

Thus, many are the American nations that use Florida Water as a healing element and a key part of traditional and ritual medicine.

In other countries its benefits and uses make it a powerful ritual element:

For example:

  • Peru: Agua de Florida is used for ritual purposes to do energetic cleansing, and offerings to the San Pedro cactus and the huacas.
  • In Bolivia, Agua de Florida is also used ritually when the curandero or curandera sips a little of the liquid and then blows it on the upper part of the head of the afflicted and on the palms of the hands, to ward off the spirits of the disease.
  • In popular medicine in Honduras, Florida Water is used as a rub on the body in case of a seizure.
  • Traditional Mayan healers in San Andrés, Guatemala, use Agua de Florida as part of their healing rituals.

Other very powerful spiritual rituals that you can perform with Agua Florida:

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