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What is the "cinnamon" scented candle for and how do we make it?

What is the cinnamon candle for?

Cinnamon comes from Sri Lanka and India and belongs to the Lauraceae family. Its aromatic notes evoke warmth, sweetness and intensity, permeating the environment with tranquility and harmony.

Due to these characteristics, this spice is also used to cleanse bad energy and as an intense aphrodisiac.

Its use is said to attract:

  • luck,
  • prosperity,
  • the love and
  • the passion

And it is that, over the years, cinnamon has been used in numerous religions, always for positive spiritual purposes such as warding off bad vibes and to sweeten hearts.

Cinnamon scented candle, medicinal and spiritual properties

How to make scented cinnamon candles

The cinnamon scented candle concentrates the essential aroma of this plant and when lit, it spreads and reaches all corners of the place.

The cinnamon aroma that this candle gives off helps to:

  • reduce stress
  • brings the mind and body into balance
  • stimulates creative faculties and sexual appetite
  • sets the home.

The essential oil of the cinnamon accumulated in the candle, is used in the practice of aromatherapy, a therapeutic discipline that takes advantage of the properties of aromatic plants to restore balance and harmony to the body and mind.

We must also know that the cinnamon candle brings tranquility and makes the atmosphere of our home become relaxed and aromatic, eliminating any trace of bad vibes that we may have noticed.

Cinnamon candle, balance and peace to reduce stress and purify the spirit

The aroma of cinnamon is also energizing and that is why it is said that the scented candle of this type can help us reduce fatigue and muscle aches.

In addition, if they are used on cold autumn and winter nights, they will warm up the home environment, making it pleasant and relaxed.

¿How to make scented Cinnamon candles?

How to make cinnamon candles

To make an aromatic cinnamon candle we will use several elements and the cinnamon will be used in three ways:

  • in oil,
  • powder and
  • branches.

First you must choose which material you are going to use as a base, whether wax or paraffin, for example, although there are many others. After you heat it over a low heat and melt, pour it into a container in which we will prepare the mixture.

Having this ready, let's do the mixing.

  1. First you will put a few drops of cinnamon essence, and also 3 tablespoons of cinnamon powder, and añaWe will say 5 tablespoons of honey, which is very spiritual and attracts good things.  
  2. Then we will use some branches or cinnamon sticks and we will place them vertically around the container, but inside.
  3. Wait a while before pouring it into the other container to cool, but not too cool.

Please note: The container in which you will put the mixture can be one in which you leave the candle or a mold from which you will later remove it.

Finally, do not forget to place the wick of the candle in the center and hold it with something on top so that it does not move out of place.

Remember that this ritual needs your good energy, choose a moment of calm to do it, and go asking for what you want to attract.

When the candle is ready, for this it is appropriate to leave it for 24 hours at rest, you can light it while you do ritual baths, when cleaning the house or simply to relax the environment, you will see what good results it brings to your life.   

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