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What is a Paraldo de Ifá and what is it used for in the Yoruba Religion?


To remove a disturbing spirit that only hurts the homes in which we live, in businesses or in our body, they are carried out the ceremonies of the Paraldo.

Who are these spirits that hurt us so much?

These evil spirits (Eggún Buruku) are obsessive spirits (fleshless) that sometimes stick to us, either because we pick them up on the street and bring them home, or they send them to us to harm us.

They are dark spirits that do not have any light, which in the form of negative energy block everything.

These beings are hooked on us many times like crabs and this sacred ceremony of the Paraldo is precisely to remove from our body and environment, those obsessing and wandering spirits.

It also serves to assist a familiar or protective spirit.

What does the word Paraldo mean in the Yoruba religion?

It means "kill from behind", It is said that these dark and negative spirits adhere to our body as if we were carrying something so heavy that it cannot be supported.

How to make a Paraldo?

I will comment on the procedure in a general way out of respect and religious ethics, but with the above it is possible to understand a little about this sacred ceremony.

This ceremony is performed by the Awo Orunmila (babalawó) and they are adjusted according to the Oddun of Ifá that comes out in consultation with the person consulted.

In the Oddun of Ifá Otura Niko there is a general way of doing a Paraldo.

Elements and animals that are used in the Paraldo:

  • In general, animals such as a dick or a pullet, a banana, a pigeon or a chick are used,
  • black, white and red fabrics,
  • powerful elements like cascarilla, coconut, brandy, tobacco, and varied flowers of different colors, etc.

Three of the most important items used are the chicken egg, a piece of beef, and candles.

What do these ingredients represent?

The egg symbolizes the birth of a new life, the meat symbolizes life itself and the death candle.

Herbs that are most often used:

In the ceremony of the paraldo, herbs (ewé) are used according to the Odun (sign).

There are almost always 9 herbs and it should never be missing among them, neither the basil nor the dead scars, others are.

  • Pacific Ocean,
  • Carob tree,
  • Rosemary,
  • Gimp,
  • Scorpionfish,
  • Poplar,
  • Majagua,
  • Seedling,
  • Botija pinion,
  • Gold button,
  • Victor,
  • Win Battle,
  • plantain,
  • Paradise,
  • Guira.

After having everything arranged, the ceremonials are made, diagrams are also drawn on the floor and the different ingredients are located to be able to feed Eggun (spirits).

Types of Paraldo according to the Sign of Ifá

I mentioned previously that there are many types of unemployed according to the sign that comes out in consultation, here are some examples:

Paraldo in the Oddun Eyiogbe:

It is done in order to save the person from death or to strip them of a dark Eggun.

In this ceremony, 3 paraldos must be done during the day, the first one is done in the morning.añana, the second at noon and the third in the afternoon.

Paraldo in the Odun Oyekun Biroso:

This is done if the obsessor is inside the house, and the person is sitting in the place where he usually sits, because that is the place where Ikú resides.

Paraldo in the Oddun Ogbe Ate:

It is done at dawn, and the mother is always asked for her blessing.

Paraldo at the Oddun Ogbe Wale.

It is made at the foot of a star apple tree. After you must bañar with white mallow herbs, curse remover, botija piñon and star apple.

Paraldo in the Oddun Ogbe She.

In this sign you will always go for a corner.

At the end the person is baña with an omiero of herbs belonging to Obbatalá and Oyá, where ceiba leaves cannot be missing.

Paraldo, the sacred ceremony that saves and drives away dark spirits

With these broad strokes I wanted to show you that all the unemployed are not the same, nor do they go to the same place, their ingredients vary and can be in the mountains, at home or on the person to remove obsessive spirits.

  • Always at the end of each paraldo they must bañar with the herbs indicated.

It is of utmost importance Know that in Santeria the paralyzed are not carried out in the hands of any person, nor are they done without consulting because their lives may be in danger at the hands of unscrupulous people without knowledge.

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