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The birth of Abita in Ogbe Otura ► What gifts did Obatalá give him?

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When Olofin created the earth, he named Obatala as king of one of his dominions.

He ruled over a land flooded with traps, at certain times when the Orisha got tired he invited one of his sons to occupy the throne, who alternated responsibility with his younger sister.

Pataki where Orula predicts the arrival of Abita and other misfortunes

The son of Obatala was a man of very strong character, respected, with deep religious knowledge, the same doctrines that he used in order to contain the disaster that was taking place on earth.

His sister, despite her young age, also possessed supernatural powers, among which were the privilege of having visual acuity both day and night.

Obatala was pleased by the powers his sons possessed.

One day the eldest of the descendants of the white Orisha saw his sister naked and began to have impure interests in her.

Over the months together they procreated and the woman became pregnant.

Obatalá cursed his children for the fault they committed

The sorcerer, fearful of his father's reaction, attended orunmila for the Orisha of divination to perform an ebbó to rid himself of the fury of Obatala.

When consulting them, the great Ifa diviner told them that the child they would have would be Abita and that would cause a lot of problems.

Then the oracle made them a paraldo so that Obatalá would not be enraged when he saw the child.

Obatalá had already found out what had happened, full of anger the Orisha took his Agogó and began to curse his children and that land.

When the woman went to give birth a black shadow covered the earth, then her husband went to Orula to intercede for the mother and her child, but the wise man realized that it was too late.

Father Obatalá takes pity on Abita thanks to orula

And since the natural course does not stop, the newborn saw the light of day and thanks to Orunmila's ebbó, Obatalá took pity on him and offered him the gifts that had once belonged to his father and mother.

And it also gave him the virtue of turning to the source of good and evil to nourish himself from there.

Since then Abita he was king in that land from which his grandfather withdrew, turning his back on the fault committed by his children and went to live in peace in his ivory castle on top of the hill.

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