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Do you know the Pact of word and faith between Shango and Aggayú Sola? ≫ Pataki

Pataki Aggayú and Shango

Shango, the Orisha owner of the lightning was a man of the world, because due to his great warlike skills he traveled the seven continents fighting battles and leading the peoples to victory and the scope of their freedom.

In his wanderings he visited a small town that was secluded and almost dark, no voices were heard, no one walked down the street, and even the children played in the gardens.

In the distance he saw some natives who were approaching him, gawking, immersed in a deep trance that seemed to have no end.

Shango asked them questions, his answers being slow and stumbling, as if to execute them they required a superhuman effort in the elaboration of the ideas and in the subsequent processing of the thought. 

Shango visits the king

Kawó Silé, impressed by such a situation, decided to find a convincing explanation for such a catastrophe, demanding an immediate interview with the king, since the warrior believed that no one better than authority possessed the power and knowledge to inform him about the events that occurred in his domain.

So much was the insistence of the Orisha that he ended up appearing before Aggayu Solá who received him in his palace in peace and with open arms.

The monarch asked the king what had to be done to belong to his court, he explained that his energy should be consecrated on the leri (head) of his subjects in order to strengthen them and irradiate them with his sturdy temper.

The pact: You will reign on the shoulders of the santero and I will guard his head.

Shango, who had noticed the situation in which the citizens were, explained to the king that this consecration ceremony had to stop, because the vital energy that the Orisha king possessed was so overwhelming that it caused dislocations in the thought and action of those who consecrated themselves. in said ritual.

The king at first could not accept the reality of the facts because the only objective that he pursued with the ritual was to strengthen his children, so both deities established the pact that Shango would go to the head to radiate the leri of the consecrated, being Aggayú a very powerful saint, this would be crowned on the shoulders as a seat anchor on the earthly plane.

Since that day the pact was sealed and respected, for this reason every son of Aggayú owes obedience and veneration to Kawó Silé, the same happens in reverse.  

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