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How did Babalú Ayé begin to heal the sick?

Pataki Babalu Aye

Babalu Aye He is one of the most adored and beloved orishas in Cuba, the desperate and the sick go to him in search of calm and healing.

He is highly respected in the Rule of Osha (Santeria), is in charge of healing all types of venereal and contagious diseases such as leprosy, smallpox and in general any type of pests.

To Babalú Ayé They pray to him for miraculous cures and good health, help in misery and cure for deadly diseases.

Synchretize with Saint Lazarus, saint of the Catholic Church, and both are paid great tribute and gratitude on December 17, this day his devotees give thanks, offer offerings and pray to him for cures, protection and health in general.

Pataki: Babalú Ayé and his brother Shango

This pataki tells that when the world was formed, Babalú Ayé, led a life of parties and women and did not comply with Olofi's mandates, because he felt too important to stoop to comply with the rules that were imposed on him.

Because he was a womanizer, he contracted diseases and was filled with sores and thus the plague also reached the Yoruba land.

The priests frightened by the deaths, consulted the gods through the Oracle of Diloggún and according to what the Oracle dictated, they threw Babalú Ayé out and exiled him by pouring water on him and saying: "Ano buruku, unlo buruku."

Babalu Aye He felt unhappy and full of regrets for the life he had led, and he wandered through many places, in each of which people looked at him in fear and fled from his presence or ordered him to leave the village.

One day he met his brother Shango, the king of thunder, who came from the plowed land, where there were many diseases and Babalú Ayé began to cry as he related his sorrows.

This is how he told him that when he arrived at any town they would yell at him "Ano burukú" and treat him badly, even throwing objects at him to make him leave.

Shango teaches Babalú to cure diseases

The mighty Shango, pious, he told Babalú Ayé that he would help him and thus taught him to heal with sacred elements, corojo butter, bread and toasted corn.

He transmitted to him all his knowledge about the cures of dissimilar ailments, which he himself had obtained through the teachings of the wise Osain, the owner of the mountain.

Thus Babalú Ayé proudly continued on his way, with new knowledge and great wisdom, and came to the land to plow and saved the sick, the most needy, the men who had the worst diseases.

With public recognition it took the new name of Asojin.

From that day on, people pray to him and beg for his help for the relief of all kinds of ailments, both bodily and spiritual.

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