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In Ogbe Oche the Tattoo saved Orula and made him invisible to the enemy

Pataki with Orula

Relates the pataki born in the odun Ogbe Oche that as payment to mitigate the existing conflicts between Odúa and Olokun, the latter gave the Orisha one of his daughters, thereby forging an alliance of peace and thus each one lived in his kingdom with harmony and tranquility.

Later, Odúa married Olokun's daughter and together they formed a family despite the fact that true love had not arisen between them.

Odúa's new wife was very beautiful so she aroused the interest of other men who wanted to woo her and among these was orula.

Pataki: Love is born between Orula and Olokun's daughter

The great soothsayer encountered Odúa's wife everywhere she was.

Their occasional clashes began to seem like signs of temptation towards their sanity, since the young woman was not oblivious to the taste towards Orumila.

As time passed, interest became mutual, love blossomed between them, and they secretly consummated their desire.

When he returned home, Orumila knew that he had not acted well, so he registered to see what he could do in such a situation.

Only by doing Ebbó, Orula would be saved from grave danger

Ifá recommended to him the realization of an ebbó, because his life according to the obtained signs was in serious danger as a result of adultery.

Then Orula set out to find everything necessary to carry it out as quickly as possible.

After making a part of the ebbó, Orula made several permanent marks on her body using inks from plant roots that had strong pigments, camouflaging her appearance before the eyes of the world in order to continue living with Olokun's daughter.

Thus completing the final part of the ceremony that the odun had appointed.

Orula complies with the word of Ifá and gets rid of his enemy

one mañana Orula and her beloved had fallen asleep in an oversight, while Odúa had decided to visit his wife in her chambers.

Upon entering the habitaHe saw his wife asleep on the bed and a leopard beside her who watched over her sleep, so he decided to retire and let her sleep in peace.

The fact that Orula had been realized prevented Odúa from recognizing him and in this way his tattoos made him invisible to enemy eyes.

Thus, Orula and his beloved could continue living their romance without suffering any danger.

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