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Why does Orunmila hate betrayal? Pataki where his word is law

Pataki with Orunmila

Something very important but invaluable in our lives is the word.

The word is the greatest display of credibility in a person.

If you never break your word, rest assured that your paths will not be closed, because there is no closed path for those who do not cheat.añany betray.

At present we are living in times of lack of speech and deception, and what is most annoying is that in our Yoruba religion these religious values ​​are also being lost.

If you betray you are disappointing all your trustworthiness, you must remember that you would not like them to do the same to you and that you can also harm others, even your religious brothers.

How many today do the religious people remove or try to remove their godfather after he has taught them?

Through this pataki you will understand that for Orunmila the fortune teller of Ifá, treason is always paid and from then on these traitors will have a life full of failures and obstacles.

Pataki where Orunmila is betrayed by his friends

In this Yoruba story a story is developed of how Ikun (squirrel with a thick tail), Okete (rat) and Okere (squirrel) betray Orunmila.

Ikun, Okete and Okere were friends of Orunmila the soothsayer, and he gave them work, food to eat and his wise teachings.

But one day the rat and the squirrels wanted to separate from Orunmila and do their jobs on their own, but having to do it from the front they began to do it behind their backs.

Orunmila realizes at the time that his work begins to decline and decides to consult himself to find a solution following the word of Ifá.

By doing ebbó, the evil of the enemy is won and defeated

In consultation they tell him that those who are by his side are betraying him and are doing everything behind his back, that is why his work has diminished.

Then Ifá advises him to do Ebbó to overcome difficulties (Isegun Ota) and overcome betrayal.

Orunmila does Ebbó and curses the traitors saying that:

From that moment on he would kill them to eat, but nobody could put their heads under any circumstances in his Oke Ipori (foundation where Orunmila is venerated) because he would always remember his betrayal.

The great teaching of this Yoruba story

In this pataki the clear message of Orunmila is shown and how Ikun, Okete and Okere betray him and he does not forgive them, because they believed that they already had a lot of knowledge to engañabecome independent again

Let us remember that it is not a problem to be independent, the problem is the weapon of betrayal. That is what Orunmila hates.

As good religious we must learn the ethical codes so as not to turn our destiny into a cesspool with no chance of being victorious.

We must always remember as religious that, if we live by deception, betrayal and fraud, we will never be able to count on the great blessing of Orunmila, the Orishas, ​​Olofin, Olorun and Oloddumare.

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