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How did Elegguá save Shango's life?

Patakí de Elegguá and Shango

Much is told in the legends that Dada Obañeñe was the one who raised Shango when obbatala expelled him. And the Pataki Yoruba say that the God of Thunder was saved by his brother Eleggua, lord of the roads and tireless protector of homes.

Shango is the Orisha of justice, lightning, thunder and fire in the Yoruba pantheon and is characterized as powerful and manly, historical and divine. Owner of drums, dance and music, deity with imposing physique and full of joy for life, enjoyment of challenges and courage and daring.

Meanwhile, Elegguá is the first Orisha to be received, he is also the first of the group of four warriors and is the owner of the roads and messenger of the deities. Cheerful, playful and naughty like a child, on the roads they find him watching everything that happens, deciding the happiness of men.

Also in celebrations and ceremonies Elegguá is the first Orisha to be attended, for everything he is the first. He is a warrior and defender of those who choose to follow his ways wisely.

Patakí of the Elegguá and Shango brothers

The patakí tells that it was learned with horror that Obatalá, the owner of all heads, thoughts and purity, had ordered to kill his son Shango, knowing how he was of the betrayal of Oggún, the owner of the irons and the mountain.

Due to this betrayal, Obatala had all the male children executed. The death had been entrusted in a rainy day, to several messengers among whom was Elegguá.

But when Shangó was born, Elegguá, his older brother, saved him by hiding him from the other hunters and then took him to his older sister, Dada, to raise him.

And for a long time the messengers of Obatalá searched the entire territory, through ravines and hills, in vain attempt to find the lost child Shango that Elegguá had secretly delivered to Dadá Obañeñé to raise him.

As time passed, Obatalá fell ill and Elegguá went to look for Shango to cure him.

The wise father Obatala forgives his son

Shango managed to heal his father and so Elegguá implored Obatalá for the forgiveness of orula for his brother, to which the wise Father of the orishas agreed to his request.

Jubilant for his father's forgiveness and not having to hide again and thus be able to enjoy life, Shangó cut down a ceiba tree and from it he built a beautiful board, with which he passed the gift of divination to his brother Orunmila.

That is why Orunmila pronounces the words “Maferefun Elegguá, Maferefun Shango, Elegbara”. And also because of this patakí, Elegguá's hierarchy is higher in level than that of Shangó.

The messenger of the gods, Eleguá belongs to the group of warriors along with Ochosi, Osun and Oggún and is characterized by his cunning and determination to save and protect, as shown in this story.

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