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Listen to this advice ► Curiosity may be your worst downfall

Pataki of curiosity

How many times have you heard "curiosity killed the cat"? And it is no less true, because where you look, you will surely find and almost always the worst.

Ifá says that curiosity causes us more harm than good, one thing is to know the truth and another is to be very, very curious, to the point that you can find out everything you can or not.

This Yoruba pataki tells us how curiosity is punished by Olofi

They say that there was a boy who was an orphan and did not have the means to survive and suffered many needs.

He goes to the market with what little he has to buy groceries and he only has half a peso left.

He was so worried about his situation that, complaining, he came to the mountain crying.

Suddenly appeared Constitution and said to the boy:

That half peso that you have left, deposit it here and ask for what you want, but after depositing it, do not look back and leave.

This is what the boy did, obeying what Olofin said and he arrived at his house and what would not be his great surprise, everything he had asked for was before his eyes.

The urge to discover the secret leads him to misfortune

Shortly after, the Ayapa (turtle or turtle) passes by his house and tells him that if he could provide shelter and he responds, that he could gladly stay.

When Ayapa saw how the boy lived, she began to wonder how he could live like this if he was an orphan and did not have a job.

He begins to try to find out why so much abundance, he wanted to browse more and discover what was happening there.

The tortoise then talks to the majá or snake (Eyó, Ñoka) and with the lizard or lizard (Aguema) to help him and between the three of them discover the boy's secret.

Then the turtle talks to the rooster so that when he sees the boy leave his house early, he will warn him by singing.

The next day the rooster (Akuko) sees the boy come out and sings, then he wakes up the turtle and he gives notice to the majá and the lizard.

They start their way following the boy, always hiding so as not to be discovered.

Olofi always punishes what is badly done

The boy arrives at Olofin's palace and he asks:

did you come withañado?

And the boy answers confused that no.

Olofin who knows everything, sends the curious and daring out of their hiding places, the majá, the turtle and the lizard.

They go out and Olofin dictates as punishment that from that day on:

  • The Majá will drag on forever
  • the lizard will always be attached to something and
  • the jicotea will always walk with her house at a cost.

Moral of this Yoruba Story:

Do not be so curious or socially or religiously if it does not correspond to you, because your curiosity can turn into something that you do not imagine and be your downfall.

Out of curiosity you can even lose your life.

Each story in the Yoruba religion gives us a great teaching, it is up to us to understand them and follow the mandate of Olodumare to reach our destiny from spiritual growth, love and faith.

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