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Do you know how Women won the war against Men?

Women's pataki

Many years ago there were two neighboring lands that were divided by a river.

In one of them peace and order reigned being habitadas only for women, while the other abode for men was all hellish chaos.

Pataki where the fury of Oshún devastates the town of men

On one occasion, the men interviewed the women so that they would provide them with free food.

They, who discussed everything in a council, decided to deny the request because they considered that due to the shortage of food that was lived in those times they should assure their people first.

Fact that brought discontent with the men, who for this reason wanted to wage war on them and take over their belongings and resources.

When women heard this threat, they felt fear for their lives because they knew that men surpassed them in experience and resources when developing a war.

So they went to visit orunmila to help them resolve such a situation.

The fortune teller Orula brands ebbo women to avoid a war

Orula the great oracle of Ifá who always favored women, promised to help them by registering them under his board and ékuele, marking the performance of a sacrifice to Oshun in the river of two chickens.

But since everything was so scarce, the worrying situation was how to get the needy chickens.

Then one of the women who was there said that she had two gray hens in her house and asked Orunmila if they would be used for immolation, which he agreed with.

With the power of the waters of Oshún, men are under the command of women

When the women took the chickens to Orunmila's house, he went to the river where they habitaba Oshun and gave them to him telling him about the problem that afflicted women.

This became so furious by what happened that the river began to overflow, flooding the men's town that was geographically in a more depressed terrain than that of the women.

Some due to the magnitude of the disaster drowned, others swam with great effort towards the territory of the women begging for their forgiveness.

In this way, the men were left under the mandate of the women, forgetting the absurd threats made against them, the combat weapons were lost, and peace was restored to all.

And that was the way that women won the war against men. 

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