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Pataki ≫ How did the Jimaguas Ibeyis save the Orisha Obatala?

Pataki de los Jimaguas and Obatalá

Throughout the ages, the birth of the twilight neonates has been considered as a fact of great relevance, just as the birth of Taewo and Kalinde happened to the Orishas twins of the Yoruba Pantheon, who are descendants of Shango the king of drums Batá and Oshun the owner of the honey of bees.

Between these brothers and Yemaya, the holy mother of the world there is a close bond because it was this deity who was responsible for her guardianship and custody from the moment they arrived in this world.

The twin deities possess great power and a miraculous faith that heals and saves at the same time.

These represent in their feminine and masculine incarnation the balance that should prevail in the world, they are the perfect example of divine duality on the earthly plane.

They are mischievous saints, they establish themselves as protectors of doctors, barbers and children, over the latter they particularly watch over.

The Pataki of the Jimaguas protecting Obatalá from his enemies

The legend tells that they were the Ibeyis the Orishas who saved Obatala of the mutiny that was taking place in secret in the lands where the holy protector of all heads ruled.

The subjects who dwelt in the domains of the white Orisha were dissatisfied, because they believed that Obatala was very severe in his prohibitions and that he prevented them from certain activities inappropriate for the light and public judgment.

The enraged entourage was preparing to poison the king, with the aim of ending his mandate in this way, to achieve their mission they convinced the cook to introduce the toxic liquid into the food that would later be served to the sovereign.

The Ibeyis alert Obatala to betrayal

While the preparations for the coup were gathering strength, the Jimaguas, who were aware of everything that had happened, informed the monarch about the plans that were being drawn up against him.

They suggested that he dress in red and black as this is the only way to discover the enemies.

Once the Orisha wore his bicolor suit, he was able to blend in with the crowd, a fact that allowed him to immediately discover those responsible for the riot, on whom he established the penalties corresponding to their misdemeanors.

Since that day in payment for the help offered and for their great intervention in order to maintain peace on earth, the Jimaguas were named the little darlings of the Yoruba Religion, establishing as a rule that in every party that took place in the ilé (house) in which they were, should be treated with priority and care.

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