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Disobedience will always be punished by Father Obatalá ≫ Pataki

Pataki de Obatalá and the goat

Obatala He had many animals in his herd, but none enjoyed the affection that he felt for his white goat, which he always cared for and blessed above the other animals.

She was very diligent and docile, which is why she deserved each of the rewards Baba rewarded her with.

The power of bad friends ...

One day she began to modify her behavior, she was no longer interested in the activities that once rejoiced her, becoming disobedient, partying and disrespectful, a change to which Obatalá associated the new friends she surrounded herself with, a change of which logically he was not pleased either.

At one of the parties the goat attended, Baba sent her to fetch Oggun to whom he entrusted the task of making her go through a great scare in order to take responsibility and change her behavior.

He who does not do ebbó sooner or later reaches a bad destination

But the holy owner of the iron took pity on the goat and recommended that he make ebbó at the foot of Orunmila the great fortune-teller, so that his life would improve and he would regain the benefits and trust of his father.

The goat was interested in doing the ebbó, but it did not comply with it properly so that its chance of salvation was not complete.

She remained calm and obedient for a while but after a few months she derailed again and then she began to behave worse than before, she no longer listened to Baba's advice and even raised her voice to him, so Obatala had to make a sad decision.

The Orisha who owns the cascarilla, he sent again to look for Oggún whom he invited to a feast, the excited saint asked Baba what he would offer at dinner to which he replied:

Chiva will have dinner today!

Oggún paled at the news, receiving the message that the white saint had conveyed precisely and clearly.

Teaching of this Pataki:

Through this Pataki Obatalá advises his children on the importance of heeding his advice, since said Orisha considers that there are errors that can lead to their own death or irreparable losses for life.

The deity recommends listening and imitating only good actions and behaviors because it is precisely these that make the growth and correct development of the person possible.

It is exhorted to stay away from people who could make the individual make mistakes and errors because these are not the companies that are required to succeed in life.

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