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Why should the children of the Orisha Obatala respect the elders?

Pataki de Obatalá and his children

Obatala He had two children whom he loved with great devotion and from whom he expected great things, since he felt that all these years he had instilled in them the values ​​and teachings necessary for them to succeed in life and do good to their fellow men.

The story of how Obatalá tested the behavior of his children

One day his descendants decided to try their luck away from the mantle of their father, this confident let them take control of their destiny because he felt that it was time for them to fend for themselves and begin to make their own decisions.

The advice of the wise Obatala to his descendants

Before leaving, he said goodbye to his children telling them that they could return whenever they wanted because their father would always be there for them.

He advised his first-born son to respect the elders as his word and years of experience were not to be taken lightly.

He asked his youngest son to stay with his brother, because in this way they would have mutual support and advice.

Once they set out on the road, they arrived at a town that seemed deserted, the inclement weather began to hit and night was falling, for this reason they broke into a hut that seemed desolate.abitagives in order to find shelter to spend the early morning.

The sentence of the wise Orisha: "The actions that you undertake will be multiplied"

What would be his surprise when he realized that in the house habitaThere was a sick and ragged old man, logically the firstborn greeted the old man, who over the years had lost his vision and hearing so he was not aware of what was happening around him.

When he saw that the man did not correspond to his greeting, he decided to throw a stone at him in order to capture his attention, an action that did not lead to any reaction in the poor old man.

After a long debate of what happened, the younger brother advised the firstborn to continue on his way, but he was very stubborn and had taken a fancy to make the old man speak at all costs.

In order to fulfill his wishes, he set the hut on fire, in turn being left without shelter, a fact that in any case did not interest him as he considered it more opportune to fulfill his will.

Then the old man shrouded in smoke and embers replied to the brothers:

As long as the world is the world, the actions that they undertake will be multiplied many times over, whether they are bad or good.

Before disappearing into the clouds, the old man left between seeing his children that he had adopted a disguise, the one he had used to test the behavior of his descendants and to be able to make sure that they were ready to face the world, a test that both suspended, a fact that caused his father's disappointment.

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