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Why did Goddess Obba want to take revenge on humanity one day?

Obba Pataki

The Orisha Obba was the wife of Shango with whom she lived very much in love.

On a certain occasion, guided by the advice of Oyá He decided to cut off his right ear and give it to him to eat in a soup, because according to Yansa this dish loved the holy owner of the Batá drums.  

In this way, Obba was deformed, a fact that made fun of her person at the hands of her husband and a large part of humanity, so she left for the mountains taking her children with her.  

Pataki de Obba when he was filled with hatred and sowed terror in the world

Deep and hidden from the eyes of the curious, Obba cried for her new condition and for not having had the understanding from her husband that she required for her act of love.

She swore revenge on humanity and from the many tears that flowed from her eyes, a lagoon was born where she hid her greatest secrets, so that they would never be found.

Among these he protected his nine magical powers, virtues that he had received from the hands of Olodumare himself, these corresponded with nine colors, same tones that later corresponded with the flag of his kingdom.

Obba distributed "Justice in his wake"

During their stay on the mountain, the saint and her children were fed with white sleeves, a fruit that religious people today place at their representation in order to pay tribute to them.

Every night they secretly left for the city to execute anyone who had mocked their appearance, sowing terror among the streets of Takua, the name given to that kingdom.

The goddess Oshún and the soothsayer Orula make ebbó to return Obba's goodness

News of the murders had spread like wildfire in the region, reaching the ears of Oshun y orunmila, saints who decided to put an end to this whole situation.

Together they did ebbó to return to Obba the kindness that had been taken from him and they set out to meet him in the mountains.

Upon reaching their destination they offered tributes to Obba and gave him a crown that disguised his physical defect.

The saint had time to acknowledge her great mistake of claiming the lives of those who had offended her and instead decided to forgive them and move on.

In this way kindness re-blossomed in his heart and despite the fact that the physical scars never allowed him to forget that bloody and painful stage of his life, they gave him the intelligence and wisdom necessary to overcome that difficult moment.

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