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Pataki from Obbatalá

Obatala the holy owner of all heads he needed to have a wooden throne made.

For this he was in search of one of the best carpenters in the region who he commissioned the work, promising him a fair payment for his services and in the case of being pleased with the result he would give him an additional gift.

When the carpenter began his work, he needed the labor of his assistant as he planned to create a work with many details and reliefs.

He accepted the payment terms of his boss and they began to bring their creation to life.

Pataki where Obbatalá offers a gourd from Sarao de Ekó

A few days later, Obatalá visited the carpentry to evaluate the work and was delighted with what he observed, so he told the carpenter to send his assistant to send him a present.

The assistant entered the house of Obatalá to collect the order that he had to take to his boss and was surprised to see that it was a gourd of Sarao of Ekó (Offering made of corn flour mixed with water and other elements).

He left for the carpentry shop and when he offered it to the master, he despised it, telling the apprentice to take it himself and that's how it was.

When he finished drinking it, he found many pearls at the bottom of the gourd, a surprise that he kept to himself.

The importance of knowing how to appreciate the little things with humility

Two weeks passed since the first meeting between Obatalá and the carpenter, so the Orisha returned to the workshop to see the construction process of his order and when he left there so pleased he asked the assistant to accompany him.añaI know again.

When he arrived at Obatalá's house, he gave him a gourd with the same content as the previous one, and when he arrived at the carpentry the same thing happened as the previous time, the apprentice keeping the pearls for himself, without the teacher knowing anything.

When there was only one day left to deliver the throne to Obatala, the deity again visited the workshop.

He was very satisfied with the work, so he told the carpenter that he was worthy of receiving a great gift, so he asked the teacher to send his employee to pick it up and he did.

By despising Obatalá's offer, that man changed his destiny

Back at the workshop the apprentice brought back a gourd with sarao from Ekó, upon seeing it the carpenter was very angry so he despised the gift and went home, the apprentice after drinking the contents of the gourd found diamonds in it. .

A short time later, the apprentice founded his own workshop in another town, removing all the clients from his teacher, so that he was ruined and had to go to ask for a job with his rival, being then another subordinate of the workshop.

One day the carpenter found Obatalá on the street and he told him that it had been bad for him, because he had never given him the gift that he had promised so much and instead, a sarao Ekó gourd.

The Orisha then explained to the carpenter that he had deposited pearls and diamonds inside the gourd and that if he had not despised it for being a simple gourd he would have become as rich as his apprentice.

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