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Be careful what you guess! ≫ Pataki by Oddi Leke

Pataki by Oddi Leke

Oddi Leke is the sign of Ifá that is accompaniedañagoing to Ika Fun odun main according to the lyrics of this year 2021.

For the sake of knowing more about this witness letter I share this pataki which is an example of why during the next twelve months we must be careful with what is guessed.

The religious people of Cuba and the world are recommended to avoid curiosity and gossip so as not to attract osogbos into our lives.

Pataki de Orula and his fortune-telling gifts in other lands

When Orunmila arrived in new lands, his gifts as a diviner were not so popular and many questioned his good reputation.

For this reason, rumors of his magic began to spread among the locals who were eager to know how far the reach of the great fortune teller reached.

Among the crowd was a mayombero and his wife, who, without showing much interest in what was happening, continued on their way home, turning a deaf ear to the gossip.

Once there the wife asked her husband what he believed about orula To which he replied that he did not have a specific opinion, but in the same way it was a matter that did not concern them.

He asked his partner to forget this question and continue his life as if the arrival of the stranger to the town had never happened.

Curiosity in search of the truth ...

The woman invaded by curiosity could not fall asleep that night and while her husband slept she secretly planned to go to the mañaOne next to the house of the great fortuneteller, because she wanted to check if she was in the presence of a fraud or a great sorcerer.

When her husband left to carry out his work, the young woman set out on her way to Orumila's house.

Once there, she asked the oracle to consult her and this one on the divination mat predicted, through the gift of divination, the existence in her body of an intimate mark that only she and her husband knew.

The surprised woman left for her home, anxiously awaiting the arrival of her husband to tell him what had happened.

After a copious dinner the young woman told her husband about the certainty of Orula's gifts.

He did not believe a single word to his wife, blinded by jealousy and rage, he left for Orumila's house carrying a machete to execute the unfaithful act that had been committed and thus avenge his name.

Orula, who already knew what was going to happen, performed an ebbo (cleaning) and went up to the habitahighest tion of the house to get rid of Ikú (death).

Upon arrival the mayombero did not find the fortune teller on the first level of the house so he decided to ascend to the second floor.

He went up so hastily that he was not able to realize that the floor was muddy with corojo butter, so he slipped and the weapon nailed himself, ending his life from that moment.    

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