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Why was Ogbe Che King in another land? Eleguá always opens paths

Pataki by Ogbe Che

Ogbe Che was a great musicianHe lived in the Yoruba lands where his compatriots did not appreciate his talent or the value of his good deeds.

Due to his way of being different from the others, he received many ridicules and defamations for which he was forced to feel the desire to leave his native land.

Pataki where the flutist reached his fortune with the help of Orula and Elegguá

Before leaving for new lands in search of fortune he visited orunmila in order for the great fortune teller to consult him and advise him through Ifá about his future.

He recorded it by marking the completion of an ebbó. Once the ritual was done, he had to take it to the beach and hand it over to the first person who was there.

Ogbe Che, following Orunmila's words, visited the beach to deliver the ebbó and there was Eshú, who received the package and listened to everything the flutist had gone through.

Then feeling sorry for him, he indicated that his fortune was in other lands where if they knew how to appreciate his talent.

Eleggua In revenge for all that she had suffered in that land, the piper cursed her, wishing that the weight of divine justice would fall on her.

The Orisha who owns all roads told Ogbe Che to leave without looking back, that he would be waiting for him after crossing the sea.

The Orisha Eleguá breaks new ground and does justice

After a long journey, Ogbe Che reached his destination and, as promised, there was Elegguá waiting for him.

The Orisha took him to a region where people of very high social class lived so that he could play the flute for them.

After showing his talent, people were delighted with him and praised him as he had never imagined, then being able to feel the recognition of his profession.

Meanwhile, in the Yoruba land, the men and women who had made fun of the musician so much began to extrañar their good deeds and the playing of the flute with which they rejoiced.

As their land was cursed, they began to suffer needs and then yearn for those times when their life passed without problems.

Elegguá, who was responsible for such a situation, let them know some time later that his life had changed in return for all the bad deeds and mockery that Ogbe Che had done in the past.

Tips for the religious in this Odun:

When a religious takes this odun into the hands of the great Ifá fortune-teller, he is advised to value himself more, since it is said that this person watches over others without anyone worrying about him.

You are encouraged to make changes in your life and put aside what makes you unhappy, be it material things, tasks or people so that in this way the iré reaches its destination.

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