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2 Pataki of the Ogbe Oche sign where greatness and evolution is achieved

Pataki by Ogbe Oche

In both patakis collected in Ogbe Oche, man grows in the face of difficulties, so this odun is an Ifá of greatness and improvement.

A pataki where hethe lot of the religious is in his native land.

This odun describes the story of a man who, trying his fortune, went to other lands where he began to experience misery and need.

His situation was so bad that he hardly ever had enough to eat or meet his basic needs.

In this land where man was a foreigner, he lived Orunmila the great fortune teller of Ifá who consulted him and recommended him under this odun to return to his native region where a great surprise awaited him.

When he went out, the man had no idea how he was going to pay for the trip back to his place of origin.

Then in the midst of a commotion, justice took him captive, transferring him to a jail in his native land to pay for a crime of which he was accused.

Upon arriving there, the authorities realized that this was not the man they were looking for, so they had to release him.

Despite the bad time that had happened, he felt great satisfaction at having returned to his village.

While there, some relatives brought him the news that he had received a great inheritance, suddenly becoming rich.

The plot of the birds against the parrot

On a certain occasion Constitution He sent for all the birds on earth and gathered them in his palace for an important assembly.

As they made their entry, they were instructed to occupy the position that had been assigned to them.

When the parrot arrived with its brilliant white plumage, the other birds were envious of him when they saw that he was going to sit next to Olofin, so they threw colored ink at him with the aim of dañar their feathers.

When Olofin made his entrance and saw what happened, he was very surprised, seeing all the oddities that the parrot had suffered, and wanted to help him.

As much as they tried to remove the inks from the parrot, they could never do so because the colored pigments had penetrated deeply into their feathers, leaving them stained forever.

Olofin, who felt offended by this, indicated that in payment for the offense suffered by the parrot, all those consecrated in the rule of Osha Ifá from that day on would carry a parrot feather on their head and in this way he would try to compensate the damage that the parrot had suffered.

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