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2 Pataki on Ogbe Odi: «Olofi gave you a mission that you must complete»

Pataki by Ogbe Odi

Through these two patakis born in the Ogbe Odi sign, two situations of daily life are related, where the importance of fulfilling one's duty at the right time and place is reflected.

The man who gave himself to Death forgetting his mission on earth

The pataki relates that there once existed a man who, disappointed in life, decided without thinking about it to give himself up to death.

He had a güiro hanging from his neck in which he kept his mission on earth, which he had not fulfilled due to lack of courage to do so.

Sensing that his time to leave this world was approaching, he left for the mountains and lay down on the grass.

Without wanting to, he fell into a deep sleep, suddenly he visualized the figure of a man who asked him if he wanted to die to which he answered yes.

Said man was Constitution, the one who informed him that he could do it when he fulfilled the mission that had been assigned to him, which had been unfinished until then.

Arguing in turn that he had no reason to be dissatisfied with life but on the contrary, this was the one who should have been displeased with him for wasting his precious time without having done anything of benefit.

The man who distributed knowledge by mandate of Olofi    

one mañaLike any other, a man who anxiously wanted to meet with Olofin made his visit to the kingdom of heaven.

He was impatient, referring to everyone who encountered the urge he felt to speak with the supreme Orisha.

This brought the surprise to the great Orisha of treasuring all the knowledge in the world, which he was willing to give to heaven because having it was a divine privilege.

Olofin, seeing such a situation, patiently explained to the man that:

He had sent knowledge to earth as a gift so that everyone could use it and nourish themselves from it, so from that moment on it was his responsibility to return it to men and that this was a task that he had to fulfill specifically.

Back on earth and keeping the word that he had promised to Olofin, the man became a teacher and on his own he ran to restore the virtue of knowledge to humanity, making the world a better place for many generations to come.

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