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How did Ogbe Tumako fight 3 osogbos? Death, tragedy and disease

Pataki by Ogbe Tumako

one mañaLike any other, the wife of Ogbe Tumako, who was one of the Ifá priests of the town, went to the plaza to make purchases to supply the pantry of her house.

Pataki where thanks to the Ebbó, Ogbe Tumako is saved

Upon arriving at the stall that sold the meat, the butcher, who was very grateful to her husband, dispatched him first.

Fact that did not please the wives of death, tragedy and illness who had been waiting for a while to be treated.

These out of envy went to complain to their husbands about what happened.

To those who claimed that if it were not for their lack of character, they would always buy first at all stations, being prioritized above the line, as had happened today with Ogbe Tumako's wife.

When Ogbe Tumako's wife arrived at the house, her husband, who was looking at himself, asked her if she had bought meat, she replied with an affirmation.

Following the word of Ifá, the priest led a bad way

So he babalawo He told him to hand it over to him for an ebbó.

The ritual consisted of leaving the meat at three different points:

  • The first package had to be deposited in the forest near the home,
  • the second in the corner of the house and
  • the third at the door of the home, in order to mislead the enemies.

Death, tragedy and disease Enraged by their wives' comments, they set out in search of Ogbe Tumako to ask him for an explanation for what happened.

In the middle of the way the illness He came across a package of meat in the bush, picked it up, and thought that if he took it with his wife, his anger would subside.

The tragedy who followed the steps of the disease in the course of his journey found a cartridge with fresh meat deposited in the corner of Orula's house.

So he took it and went home so that his wife would cook it and in this way be pleased.

Death who was about to enter Orunmila's house, noticed that in front of his door there was a package with meat.

Death then saw his entry into the house of the Ifá priest as unnecessary because the meat that was what he came to look for had found it in the doorway of the house.

In this way he took the package and left.

With the completion of the ebbó Ogbe Tumako got rid of the unwanted visit of these three osogbos.

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