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Why is it important to beware of the Enemy? A pataki by Ogbe Wale

This odun recounts the life of Ogbe Wale who was a lumberjack in his town, every day he left very early to the plaza carrying his wood to trade.

This was very prosperous in the timber branch, so its product was always in the preference of buyers, a fact that greatly annoyed its competition.

Termite and wood pataki

His enemies, realizing that this was a tough rival to beat, decided to join forces to end their business and thus gain the prosperity of Ogbe Wale.

Determined then to destroy it one afternoon, they followed him back to his house to discover where Ogbe Wale kept his wood.

The woodcutter who was a cautious man lived in the heart of the mountain.

His house was hidden among the trees, he had built it so strategically that not even himself Constitution he knew where he was.

One day he realized that he was being followed and began to take shortcuts in the mountains in such a way that he misled those who were pursuing him.

Enemies not happy with this mounted a guard on each path of the mountain.

Beware of the enemy and the evil eyes that lurk!

So much was his insistence that on one occasion when the woodcutter did not expect it, they found his house and filled his plantation with plagues and the wood that was ready to be sold was also the victim of such vile sabotage.

to the mañaThe next Ogbe Wale, without suspecting anything of what had happened, took the wood and left for the market as he did every day.

When he arrived at his stall, the buyers were already waiting eagerly for him, and by the end of the day he had already sold everything.

Suddenly, without Ogbe Wale expecting it, one of his clients returned the purchase, accusing him of being a fraudster.

In this way the enemies of the woodcutter damaged his business and his reputation, winning all the clients to Ogbe Wale.

Ifá advice on Ogbe Wale.

In Ogbe Wale the person is watched by his enemies who stalk his movements to take advantage of any carelessness that he has in order to harm him.

In this odun the religious must be distrustful and reserve his projects and secrets for himself, since many people around him envy him and wish him ill.

It is always recommended to be aware of your work and home because in this way you can closely supervise each event that happens in these places, avoiding suffering an embarrassment in the future.

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