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Ogbe Yono wanted to engañara Olofin but Nobody can outwit the Creator

Pataki by Ogbe Yono

The pataki born in Ogbe Yono relates that on earth there was an epidemic that had claimed many lives, with this hunger, misery and devastation were ending the little hope that human beings had left.

So that Constitution He sent for all the Ifá priests to his kingdom so that together they could carry out ebbó to the earth.

Pataki where Ebbó is made to Earth to end the misery of the world

This ebbó was very large and expensive, so they required animals of all kinds for its execution, among these were the bull, roosters, chickens and pigeons.

When all the ceremonies were marked the Babalawos returned to earth to find all the elements they needed to begin the ritual.

Once everything was bought just as the priests were preparing to go up to the kingdom of heaven to perform the ebbó, Ogbe Yono convinced them not to do so.

Well, he assured that he could only take charge of the situation and that Olofin was also angry with them for having marked too many sacrifices in the work.

Then without further ado he addressed Olofin alone.

The Ifá priest commits treason and Olofi punishes him

Ogbe Yono began to perform the ebbó, appropriating the animals marked for sacrifice, which he took home, in the same way he did with the money and other ingredients.

As the days went by, Olofin saw that the situation on earth was not improving, so he sent for all the Ifá priests to ask for an explanation.

When everyone was gathered, Olofin began to ask why, if the ebbó had been carried out, the expected results had not been seen and why only Ogbe Yono was the one who had carried it out.

The Oluos explained to Olofin that their brother had told them that he would perform it alone and these trusting ones left the ceremony in their charge.

At the same time it was discovered that the ceremony had not been effective because Ogbe Yono had taken everything, a fact that angered the sage Orisha.

Olofin asked them if they could take charge of fixing Ogbe Yono's faults and end once and for all with the torture that was lived on earth and they responded with a statement.

So they looked for the animals again by giving the bull to the sea, the chickens to the river, the pigeons to the hill, the roosters to the land and giving the cemetery an offering in coins.

But despite this the ebbó did not close, so Olofin who wanted to punish Ogbe Yono for the betrayal committed proposed it to complete the ceremony and it was in this way that he closed the ritual and Ogbe Yono left in the ebbó.

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