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Pataki ≫ The Parrot's plumage is blessed by Olofin to the envy of all

Olofi's Pataki and the parrot

Legend has it that one day Constitution summoned a great meeting in his palace where he required the presence of each of the birds that habitaThey ban the earth, in order to know which of these possessed the greatest number of virtues in order to reward it for bearing such blessings.

When the news reached the earth, a great commotion was unleashed and all the birds rushed to preen as they wanted to impress Olofin with their beauty, the supreme deity of the Yoruba Pantheon.

Pataki on envy in the kingdom of Olofi:

The Parrot was moved by such an honor, but he did not need so many luxuries to compose himself, because despite being an animal with silky plumage and great beauty, he was not vain about its virtues, a fact that aroused the envy of his peers.

Minutes before going to Olofin's palace, the birds established a plot against the Parrot and threw colored inks at him in order to stain his brilliant white plumage.

Not having time to get ready again, the Parrot ascended to the heavens in those same conditions, being at a supposed disadvantage against his adversaries.

Olofin perceives beauty and rewards the most humble

Once all the birds arrived in the kingdom of heaven, Olofin observed them in detail, realizing that they all looked splendid with bright and uniform plumage, in his eyes something unusual caught his attention.

The deity rose from his throne and went to meet the Parrot, to whom he expressed his sympathy for the colorful tone of his feathers, indicating him as the most beautiful bird of all those present in the room.

He also communicated his knowledge about his noble acts of modesty and his ability to grow in the face of difficulties, which is why he granted the distinction to this beautiful bird that his most illustrious children always carry one of his feathers as a sign of wisdom and respect.

As a result of this fact, the outrage committed against the Parrot was unconsciously mocked by Olofin, because his appearance provoked in order to diminish his beauty was recognized as a symbol of beauty.

Let's be like the parrot ...

This legend exhorts all religious to be like the Parrot and to act with humility, since there is no greater virtue on earth than simplicity.

Olofi's Pataki and the Parrot It shows how it is necessary not to give up despite the adversities of destiny, because in the least expected moment the essence of the soul springs up and magnifies the one who works with good above all circumstances and people.

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