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Hypocrisy is born in the odun Ejiogbe We get what we deserve!

Olofi's Pataki

Olofin the Supreme Orisha habitaHe was in the kingdom of heaven, from his palace he watched over the happiness of all his children whom he procured according to the merit of each one.

For this reason, he received in his home many of his descendants, who flattered him without stopping, offering him false displays of affection and consideration.

The father believed them sincere and faithful to their word, a fact that was far from reality, since they were mostly hypocritical, envious and selfish.

Pataki from when Ejiogbe shows Olofi the deception of his children

On a certain occasion when the subjects were paying excessive homage to Olofin, one of his sons named Ejiogbe, realized what was happening and tried to alert his father so that he would not continue living engañado. 

Olofin, offended, told Ejiogbe that how it was possible that he thought that way about his brothers, so he got upset with him and refused to want to continue listening to so many slanders.

Ejiogbe had not been satisfied with the answer that his father had given him so he often insisted on the same topic.

one mañana, tired of so much controversy Olofin exposed before everyone, Ejiogbe's thought so he asked his children if what his brother raised was true or false.

To which they replied that they loved him unconditionally because they knew that his mandate was for their happiness.

Ejiogbe seeks evidence to show the truth to his father

When everyone left, Ejiogbe returned to inform Olofin that he did not agree with what was proposed, because if they were bad among them andañaban, how could they worship you that way, so he swore to find evidence to prove it.

The next day when some of Olofin's descendants went to flatter him as usual, Ejiogbe prepared a basket full of money and gold.

Before everyone got down on their knees to worship the father, Ejiogbe threw the money towards Olofin and had to quickly push it away, as the crowd was going to crush him in order to grab the money and gold.

They pushed each other, fighting over who had collected the most wealth.

"Olofi gives everyone what they deserve"

Then Olofin had no choice but to accept that many of his descendants were flawed, greedy and selfish, and would be capable of doing anything for money.

Then he changed his perspective on life and began to give everyone only what they truly deserved.

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