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Pataki: The marriage between Olokun and Orisha Oko the farmer

Pataki from Olokun and Orishaoko

It was a sunny day like any other, the sea was calm while in the distance a human silhouette was contemplated that was approaching marking a carefree and serene step, it was the young man Orisha oko, who was walking distracted by the beautiful landscape that surrounded him.

A beautiful feminine face appeared unexpectedly from among the foams breaking against the reef.

The Orisha was stunned by such beauty, fearing being betrayed by her eyes, he directed the word to the maiden, to be sure of not being plunged into a deep sleep.

The story: The love between Olokun the deity of the depths and Orishaoko

Olokun at sea

Their eyes met while their hearts beat fast, a confused feeling invaded their bodies, it was a combination of physical attraction with that strangeness.aña sensation of feeling like old acquaintances, but at the same time unaware of previous encounters with each other.

After a long and long conversation, both young people prepared to return to their homes, but their minds were connected as if it were a powerful trance that never ended.

That night while the moon took possession as the lady of the sky, the young farmer could not sleep far from the image of the beautiful Olokun, who did not leave his head.

The attraction he felt for the young lady was so strong that he came to her house to ask her in marriage.

Olokun's secret that should not be revealed

His father, as a jealous protector, explained to Orisha Oko that his daughter was very beautiful but that there was a secret in her body, which he should never reveal to anyone, the farmer willingly accepted the advice of his future father-in-law and after a few days he contracted nuptials with his beloved.

The wedding night brought many surprises, which gave a 360 degree turn to the nascent relationship, although there was no longer what to do about what happened.

Time passed and the young couple tried to have a harmonious coexistence, dividing the household chores in equal parts.

While Orisha Oko worked the fields, his wife sold the vegetables in the town square, one day the maid returned home with the produce intact because she had not managed to make any profit on her merchandise.

Her husband, who was furious, received her in anger and began to reproach and complain to the point of disrespecting her.

Olokun's wrath floods the land

Sad and angry, Olokun went home to the ocean, it was so much pain and anger that he began to flood the earth with its waves causing great disasters.

Orisha Oko, who was responsible for such contempt, went to her father-in-law's house in order to beg him for mercy and help to appease the spite that Olokun felt.

This sent to Yemaya, the sister of the deity with a thick chain and ordered to be contained at the bottom of the sea, in order to save humanity from the chaos that the saint had unleashed.

Since then, Olokun has lived in the depths of the sea and when he remembers the outrage suffered at the hands of Orisha, Oko unleashes its waves, overwhelming the sea on land.

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