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Olokun's blessing is received by being humble and kind

Pataki by olokun

Olokun He is the fearsome god of the seas, he is father and mother at the same time, blue fish owner of the depths of the sea and of all the riches that are hidden there. His physique is represented as androgynous, that is to say that he is a human being that possesses both masculine and feminine characteristics.

Orisha venerated in the Yoruba cult, where she represents the deepest secrets of life and death, where man has not been able to reach.  

It is he, the sea in its most frightening, angry and impetuous state, and it is said that he is one of the most dangerous and powerful deities of the Osha-Ifá religion.

But Olokun is also one of the deities highly revered by the Yoruba, for his powers to do good and distribute blessings. Health, prosperity and protection are asked of him to protect us from all evil. The sacred secrets that this deity holds are so mysterious that we owe it a lot of respect.  

We now present the patakí that demonstrates the wisdom and justice of the Orisha of the Oceans:

Pataki by Olokun and the Two Warriors

The Yoruba pataki tells that there were two warriors whose names do not appear in history, who worked for Olokun, fighting alongside him and defending just causes.

When these warriors together with Olokun achieved victory in a war, the lord of the deep sea called them to his home and invited them to take whatever rewards they wanted, so that they could enjoy the triumphs and be happy with their lord.

But these two warriors had different qualities. One of them was recognized for being vain and evil but the other was a humble and reverential person who respected others and lived according to moral standards.

Olokun doubles the reward for kindness

Olokun knew the characteristics of each warrior and took them into account when distributing his rewards. Therefore, when the ambitious warrior asked for riches and rewards, Olokun gave the humble warrior twice his reward.

But when the envious warrior realized this situation after a victory, he asked Olokun, full of evil, to gouge out one eye.

Olokun accepted and realizing that he would have to blind the one who had only shown generosity, kindness and love, but he must act with justice.

Justice and wisdom of the orisha Olokun

He then ruled that he would separate the two warriors and always take care of the blind and kind. But the one who lost only one eye would have to live on earth suffering wars, miseries and misfortunes.

To the blind and kind brother, Olokun took him to live at the bottom of the ocean and although he could not see on land, there he could have eyes to see everything that the envious could never see, the mysteries and everything wonderful in the depths. of the immense sea.

Also the humble warrior would have peace and riches in his life, while the evil warrior would have to give an account so that Olokun could approve his actions on earth and could not do anything without his authorization.

In addition, in order to live, he should go to the sea so that the humble brother would give him his Ashe and blessing.

Thus, Olokun manifested justice, wisdom and benevolence towards men and showed that only those humble and kind will receive his blessings.

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