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Pataki de Orula, the Okra and Death How was the Diviner saved?

Pataki from Orula and Iku

The Okra Sheath is the fruit of a simple plant scientifically called Abelmoschus esculentus, of which its origins in the African continent are recognized.

It has multiple properties, among which its medicinal, culinary and religious value stand out.

Among its esoteric virtues, its use in aromatherapy stands out, where it is attributed the virtues of curing stress, depression and anxiety, at the same time that it removes negative energies and purifies the aura.

How does Orula manage to change his destiny and drive away Iku?

EbbĂł with okra
Okra fruit

The pataki relates that on a certain occasion orunmila The great soothsayer was going through a bad time in his life, where he suffered inexplicable losses, every action he performed was crumbling despite the incomparable effort that he put into carrying it out.

For this reason, he decided to consult so that Ifá could help him solve such problems.

His record was favorable despite the fact that he was scheduled to perform an ebbĂł in order to protect himself from the dangers that threatened him, a ceremony that revolved around the okra.

Making EbbĂł found death to Orula

The following dawn she went to the town market in order to obtain the much-desired product. On her wanderings between the platforms she met IkĂş, who was interested in requesting the early presence of Orula in his kingdom.

Without noticing this encounter, he left for his home without noticing that death was following in his footsteps.

Once he arrived at his house, he began to make all the pertinent preparations for the realization of his ebbĂł, the fortune-teller took the Okra (okra) and prepared a polishing bath for his person, setting aside some of this liquid to carry out a ritual cleaning in your home.

The okra takes IkĂş away from the fortune teller's house

He took the bath that Ifá had marked him and once he felt clear he began to spread the okra preparation throughout the home, after the ritual he felt so relaxed that he was gradually invaded by sleep, so he decided to lie down a time and then finish the cleaning.

The death that was observing this situation with stealth from outside the house, rushed to enter in order to take Orula's soul with him, slipping product into the okra slime that had been previously spilled by the fortune-teller on the floor of his house.

Scared by what happened, she gave up her plan, taking a new course in her destiny, which placed her very far from the abode of the great Oracle of Ifá.

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