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How were the Irofa and the Board of Orula born? Know the History

Pataki de Orula and the elephant

When Orunmila came down to earth on Olodumare's orders, he had no friends and no one to turn to to help him settle down.

Then he met the elephant with whom he shared his possessions.

Pataki of the sign Ogbe Kana: The fortune teller Orula and the elephant

Once the resources were exhausted, they both entered the forest to ask for work from Ozai.

Together they began to perform in various trades, Orunmila always lagging behind because he did not have the strength that his friend possessed to knock down trees or move heavy objects.

When Ozain paid them for their work, the elephant received more amounts for being the one who worked the hardest and Orula got almost the right coins to survive.

Upon seeing this situation, Orunmila realized that by performing this job he was not going to prosper, so he decided to separate from the elephant and take a new course that would lead his way to a better destination.

With the little income that Orula had obtained, he decided to buy a white suit, with which he would set out on his new path.

Orula is betrayed and loses everything

Before leaving, Orunmila wanted to go into the forest to thank Ozain for everything he had done for him and, taking care that the only suit he had did not get dirty, he took it off giving it to take care of the elephant and also the little money he had left.

Upon returning to the road, Orula noticed that the elephant had put on his suit and refused to give it back to him, a fact that made him very uncomfortable, so he asked for his money and the elephant did not want to give it to him either.

Orula turned his back very annoyed and continued on his way having lost his only two possessions, the white suit and his savings.

The fortune teller found his way with Ifá and began to work the Yoruba religion

On the way, Orunmila met a hunter, who asked him if he knew of a suitable place to hunt, to which Orunmila replied that the mountain was the place where the prey were found.

As he entered the mountain, the hunter spotted an elephant in the distance shooting to kill him, he cut off his tail and tusks and took them to Orula in return for his information and kindness.

With these the Orisha drew up his board and Irofa and from that day he began to work on the Yoruba religion.

Helping people, guessing the fate of the religious and honoring the sacred rule of Ifá through their actions and with the use of their knowledge.

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