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Faith in Ifá saved the Ants Why were they NOT all saved?

Pataki de Orula and the ants

Some day, Orunmila the great Oracle of Ifá He received in his house the ants who wanted to consult with Ifá about the possibility of finding an improvement for their life, because they considered that they felt behind with respect to the other animals who according to his point of view enjoyed more luck than they.

They complained that they always lost their home during the rains or the flooding of the rivers, destroying in seconds what they cost them to build with so much sacrifice.

Orula orders to make Ebbó to obtain salvation

Therefore, the wise fortune teller told them that the only way to save themselves was by performing an ebbó, because this magical ritual would allow them to obtain prior knowledge of the existence of new atmospheric phenomena, thus giving them the opportunity to save their lives and some of your most precious assets.

Discord existed among the ants, as some believed that performing the ebbó was a necessity while for others doing it was a great waste of time.

On the day of fulfilling the task, a part of them attended Orula's house while the rest did not.

Those who carried out the ebbó dedicated their actions to perfecting their work so that the colony survived the atmospheric changes and there was a true development after their sacrifice.

While her sisters, those who did not go to the foot of Ifá, wasted their time in parties and vices.

He who does NOT make ebbó, is NOT saved!

One day the worker ants sensed the threat of rain so they advised their sisters that it would be pertinent to move to a steep and safe terrain in order not to be devastated by the floods, these mockers refused and rejected the advice of their sisters while remaining inside their nest.

After a few minutes the torrential flooded the area and the incredulous ants were devastated by the arrival of the heavy rains.

Being able to understand after the tragedy how important it would have been to have listened to the advice of their peers.

The teaching that this History gives us:

This Pataki transmits the teaching of uprightly abiding by the Osha's advice and seeing with faith the plans of destiny, which are almost always preventable for man under the advice of the Eggunes and the Orishas.

The history of the ants exhorts all religious to be constant in their beliefs and to see in the realization of the ebbos the salvation and eradication of a large part of their evils and sorrows.  

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