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The audacity of Orula, the great diviner engaña to Olofi

Pataki by orula and olofi

orula He is the great diviner of the Yoruba pantheon, whose qualities represent wisdom, reason and good decisions. 

He is the great benefactor of humanity, the sage, the messenger of Ifá and the main adviser of men on earth. It is the Orisha of divination, the supreme oracle and reveals the future through the secret of Ifá.

But Orula also represents wisdom, intelligence, mischief and cunning, because he knows the fate of everything that exists and those who do not follow Orula's advice, be they men or Orishas, ​​can be victims of the Bears (negative energies) and everything bad that exists on earth.

Orula's word is so sacred that it never falls to the ground, when its mandate comes to us we must follow it and respect it, otherwise the consequences will affect the fulfillment of our destiny.

The great fortune-teller of the Yoruba religion witnessed the majestic creation of the universe together with the Supreme God Olodumare. Orula speaks directly to men and brings a divine message to us, through him we can achieve the mission that was entrusted to each person on earth.

We now show one of the Yoruba legends that refers to the mischief and cunning of the great Yoruba fortune teller.

Pataki from Orula and Olofin

The patakí (legend) tells that one day Orula decided to engañara Constitution and for this he bet with the Creator that the roasted corn from a field in lamentable condition would give birth.

Olofin, as Supreme Creator, was sure that it was impossible for this wretched field to give birth, since it was practically finished and ravaged by the plague.

So he trusted his instincts and accepted the bet in the belief that he would win it. But he never imagined that Orula would use his cunning and mischief to beat him in every possible way.

The great Yoruba diviner devised a plan to engañara Olofi and for this he called Elegua, the owner of the roads and the King of thunder, Shango and he agreed with them to win the Creator's bet.

On the agreed day, the soothsayer Orula came with a sack of roasted corn and planted it in the field chosen by Olofin, sure of his victory.

Later, he went to the Olofin palace to wait the necessary time for the corn, a sacred plant, to give birth.

Orunmila's plan to engañaRa Olofi

But his plan was for Shangó, god of lightning, to thunder in the sky to help with the lightning and that Eleguá, due to his small size and agility, could easily change all the grains of the field for others in perfect condition. .

Thus, Elegguá made the new corn grains germinate and when, after several days, Olofin went to see the field to see if the corn had really given birth, he found plants germinating.

Olofin was very surprised and had to pay Orula's stake. And the soothsayer, secretly, shared what he gained with Shango and Eleguá.

This is how the Yoruba sage demonstrated his immense cunning, even reaching the point of engañar to the Creator Olofi. And although practicing deception does not teach us a good lesson, in this pataki Orula gives us some advice, "in unity there is strength", with the help of others what was not thought possible, becomes a reality.

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