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2 Stories of the fortune teller Orula that give us Wisdom and Advice

Pataki from Orula

Orula the fortune teller, the one who intercedes in the destiny of men, the Oracle of Ifá, from this wise and powerful Orisha we present two patakies that give us wise teachings, we discover not only the history of religion but advice that helps us grow.

Pataki: Orula becomes the Orisha who owns the board, the ékuele and the secrets of Ifá.

Pataki de Orula and Shango

These were difficult times on Earth, because Obatala the Orisha who owns all the heads had ordered to kill all his male children in order to terminate his lineage.

Blinded by hatred and anger, he could not see beyond his mistakes, the town was mired between uncertainties and fear, many mothers ran to protect their children and offer them a prosperous future and especially an existence that was not truncated by the sword of no soldier.

At the moment when Kawo Sile came to this world, his mother knew that he would be destined for great missions, a fact in which he was not mistaken.

Eshu Eleggua who was anxiously waiting outside the house, took the baby in her arms and during the night when everyone was resting, secretly took him to Dada, to be raised and cared for as if he had been procreated in her own womb.

The birth of Orunmila

Time later he was born orunmila and it was again Eleggua who was in charge of changing his destiny, with the great difference that this other little one would be hidden inside a ceiba tree.

There he remained hidden for many years, EshĂş being the only one who knew his whereabouts as he was in charge of feeding and watching over the child's health.

Orula only received sporadic visits from Shango, whom he came to love like a brother.

The years flew by in great haste and Shango became a famous healer.

Eleguá brings out the truth

On a certain occasion, Obatalá fell ill and Elegguá sought out the healer to alleviate his ailments.

Once the king was completely recovered, Elegguá confessed to both that they were related to the bond of the most brotherly affection, since they were nothing more and nothing less than father and son.

On that precise occasion, Eshú also took the opportunity to communicate the existence of Orunmila, but not before warning Obatalá that he was a man with very special gifts, which were closely linked to nature and the powers of divination.

The indulgence was granted and then Shango, the king of thunder, felt his heart overflow with joy, for there were no longer reasons to live in exile.

With one stroke, Kawó Silé cut the ceiba tree and molded a beautiful board for his brother, who consecrated this object as divination.

In gratitude to Shangó, Orunmila añaHe gave his ékuele a fragment of his brother's eleke, made from red and white beads.

From that precise moment Orula became the Orisha owner of the board, the ékuele and the secrets of Ifá, which are closely related to the destiny of the human being.

Pataki: When the body rests, the nose remains alert.

Pataki de Orula and the Nose

Orunmila the great Oracle of Ifá was erected on earth as the only Orisha capable of providing help to mortals and other Orishas in order to eradicate the evils that plagued them.

One day the nose, the eyes, the limbs, the ears, the mouth, the trunk and the eyes came to Orula's abode in order for the soothsayer to consult them.

The fortune teller Orula advises to make EbbĂł

He advised them to do ebbĂł so that at the time of rest one of these would be alert during the night and ensure the safety and survival of the body.

Upon leaving Orunmila's house, neither party was able to reach an agreement and each one took a different path.

The eyes Confident in their ability to see, they were indifferent to exhaustion and remained attentive to the landscape around them.

The log he imagined himself eternally upright and strong, sure of being able to carry the world behind him. Firmly she took her path and explored every corner she visited at will.

Ears they turned a deaf ear to Orula's advice, completely ignoring it. And they were listening in their passage through the world how many stories they came to tell them, without making accurate judgments about the intentions of those who pronounced them.

Mouth She decided to continue pronouncing all the words at will, regardless of who she hurt in her path, showing herself unleashed in the fulfillment of his whims and impulses.

Limbs They roamed freely, noting themselves willing to travel the world if the situation warranted it, they decided to visit new places without the need to inform anyone about their actions.

Only the nose fulfilled the mandate of the sage Orula

Nose It was the only part of the human body that internalized the advice of the great Ifá oracle and performed the ebbó that Orula had marked for it.

As time passed, the eyes felt a weight that did not allow them to see the landscapes around them.

Limbs exhausted all the way were impatient to find rest.

The ears stunned by so many contradictory and repetitive stories were observed in dismay.

The trunk had been broken and could no longer support the world.

Her mouth wanted to silence all the words she had spoken because as a result of her comments, great conflicts had been unleashed and she was exhausted by so much chaos.

The body collapsed in the face of the great disparity that surrounded it and in the midst of all the conflicts it collapsed into a deep sleep, the nose being the only part that remained awake guaranteeing its survival.

Since that day the human organism thanked the nose because due to its good sense it remained alive, so when the body rests the nose remains alert.

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