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This story gives us good advice "Life is the Most Precious Treasure"

Pataki from Orunmila

On a certain occasion orunmila he was going through serious deficiencies, his shortage was so great that he barely had an income to support his family.

one mañaNa went for a walk to town in search of work, but luck was not on her side.

On the way home he bought a tamale, which he unwrapped and slowly ate it while he thought about his misery. At the end of his tasting, he threw the banana leaves that wrapped the tamale next to a tree.

Pataki de Orunmila: The value of life!

The sage took a few more steps and spotted another tree, then the thought of ending his life came to his mind.

He took a rope and began to prepare it, when fate showed him its worst face, a bird that was watching him said:

Great Oracle, look back and see what happened to the leaves of the tamale you discarded.

Then Orula turned around being astonished, because the tamale leaves were being eaten by another human being who had less than him.

Thus Orunmila understood that the solution to his problems was not to kill himself but to fight for it.

The hard tests of life, are teachings of Olodumare

Amid so much confusion he understood that if he ended his existence he would leave his family alone and so many who loved him and depended on him to continue living.

His poverty was nothing more than proof that Olodumare I put him in to see how far his faith would go.

With the passage of time Orula grew as a person becoming the greatest Ifá priest that the earth saw.

He never forgot the day he almost lost his life, the image of the man who ate the tamale leaves was never erased from his mind and later it was the same fortune teller who gave this man a job helping him to prosper in life.

Pataki teachings for all religious:

The Odun Ogbe Iwori teaches us not to give up easily because, even if times become unbeatable, there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel, the hope of a better life.añana better full of surprises and new opportunities.

When a religious draws this letter, it is to be deduced that he is going through or will go through many needs, but with the help of Osha and Ifá he will move forward, marking this time a temporary period of misfortune which with faith will eventually turn into moments of abundance and riches.

Under this sign one must be charitable because there is the true Ashe of the person, it is taboo to despise others and selfishness is highly punished.

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