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Do you know the History of Osaín deformities? The spirit of the mountain

Osain Pataki

Osaín is a very powerful Saint, it only has one leg (the right), one arm (the left) and one eye, it has a very large ear and cannot hear anything through it, the other ear is very small and hears everything, even the slightest movement . He also speaks fussy.

In Oddún Iroso Oshé there is a pataki that tells the reason for the deformation of Osaín.

Pataki on the limbs and defects of the Orisha Osain:

Shango the king of lightning He was the fortune teller on the board and as assistants he had choose the owner of the road and Osaín, the caretaker of the mountain.

Shango liked parties a lot and because he was between drums he did not attend Ifá.

Many came to consult each other and as he was always indisposed, then he called Osain and told him to attend by sending him herbs, because Osain is a healer and a great connoisseur of all the herbs and sticks of the mountain.

One day Shangó began to think seriously about his commitment to Ifá and realized that he could no longer exercise that responsibility.

Then he decides to find another person who would take charge of the Ifá board, but who was responsible.

Shango calls Elegguá and tells him that he needs to see orunmila and he goes to the fortune teller and gives him his message.

Orunmila arrives at Shangó's house and he explains what is happening, and that he needs to entrust the Ifá board to someone else.

Orunmila tells Shango:

Do not worry, when you have problems do a work at the foot of your house la palma and I will come immediately to consult for you.

Neither Elegguá nor Osain are chosen to replace Shango:

Eleggua and Osain are dissatisfied with this decision because they hoped it was one of the two who would stay consulting.

Eleggua continues to help Shango, but Osain, very upset, retires to the mountain and with his great knowledge of plants he set out to work and at the same time to do bad deeds by garmenting Shango for the decision made.

One fine day Orunmila sees Iroso Oshe's Oddun and knows what Osain was doing against Shango. The soothsayer then goes to the palm to do a ceremony to counter what Osain sent and Shango saw him from the top of a hill.

Shango sets out to meet Orunmila and on the way sees Osain working with garments and plants.

Seeing this, King Shango begins to shoot lightning at him and lights the mountain.

Orunmila, seeing how the mountain burned, immediately goes to the place where he finds Osain almost dead, picks him up, heals him and makes him ebbó.

Osain is left alive, but without a leg, without an eye, without an arm, and deformed. From that day on, Osain swore fidelity to Shango.

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