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The hunt for Olofin's favorite bird doomed Oshosi to great loss

Pataki from Oshosi and his mother

Legend has it that on a certain occasion Constitution He was in search of his favorite bird, which had been away from his palace for several days.

The great Orisha so longed to see his beautiful bird that he offered the hand of his daughter in marriage to the man who would restore the happiness of looking at it again.

Oshosi's Pataki, justice and his beloved mother

Oshosi's arrow kills his mother

oshosi who had secretly fallen in love with the princess, decided to take the opportunity that Olofin offered and capture the bird in order to marry the king's daughter.

This one had an advantage that the other suitors lacked, since Oshosi as a great hunter knew every inch of the forest to perfection.

Driven by the force of love, the hunter began his search, it did not take long for the skilled Oshosi to find the sacred bird. He kept it inside his jolongo along with other gifts he carried to offer as a dowry to his future wife.

Eager to take his reward Oshosi arrived at the king's palace and without a long talk handed him the backpack so that Olofin himself could take his spoiled bird.

What would be his surprise when he realized that the bird had disappeared, disoriented the hunter did not find any explanation for what was happening because he was convinced of his actions.

Oshosi shoots the arrow of justice with a thirst for revenge

The hunter Orisha was invaded by anger, his thoughts could only be absorbed in avenging the mockery he had suffered.

In order to find the culprit of such an infamous act, he acceded to the highest point of the palace, once there he took his bow and one of his arrows in his hands and commissioned the difficult task of hunting down the culprit of the unfortunate event.

The arrow traveled through the sky reaching the Plaza del Reino, where it pierced the heart of a woman who was shopping.

All when they saw what happened were shocked because they recognized in the blink of an eye the characteristics of Oshosi's arrow, what could not be explained was how it had stolen the last breath from the hunter's own mother.

You should never shoot an arrow without thinking about the consequences ...

Minutes later, Oshosi arrived at the square and recognized his mother who was lying lifeless on the ground, then regretfully he was able to understand everything, since she had mistakenly taken the bird to prepare a stew in order to celebrate the arrival of her son , just when he had left the jolongo on the stove of his home as he used to do.

From that day on, the hunter ponders his decisions and has never released an arrow again without first thinking about the consequences that this can bring to his life.

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