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Pataki de Oshún and Offering to open paths with «Seven Wishes»

Offerings to Oshun to open paths

Among the offerings to Oshún to open roads, the work of the "Seven Wishes" is very powerful to achieve what we want so much, providing firmness, development and prosperity in our steps.

The following story about Oshún in search of lost beauty, tells us why the pumpkin is the protector of this Orisha, this fruit being so important in our religion.

In the Yoruba religion the Patakies They are short stories but with immense teachings, bits of stories about our religion that transmit a lot of knowledge to us, and if we have doubts about our religion, a pataki will always give us the answer.

Pataki de Oshún: The Goddess in search of beauty

Within the Yoruba religion the pumpkin belongs to the Orisha Oshún.

The story goes that after the womb of Oshún were born the ibeyis, her body as a goddess of femininity lost its radiance and men no longer liked it.

She constantly looked in the mirror and did not stop looking for remedies to regain her lost beauty. He even took the recommended baths, but the properties of the plants were useless.

One day he went into the forest in search of a circular fruit to flatten his belly and found the güira and after several days the fruit dried and seeds inside began to sound.

This disturbed Oshún so much that he never used it again.

On another occasion while walking through a grassy field, he found a round fruit that caught his attention and he immediately rubbed his belly with that yellow fruit.

A few days later, Oshún regained her beauty, and that was how the pumpkin became her protector.

Work to open paths and ask for “Seven Wishes” to Oshún:

Offering to Oshun

Get what you want with the power of the pumpkin, with this ritual called "The Seven Wishes" you will attract what your heart longs for.

Remember to do it with a lot of faith and trust in Mother Oshún, she will open the paths for you, giving you development and prosperity.

To carry out the work you need:

  • A healthy and whole pumpkin.
  • Seven ribbons of seven colors (less black).
  • Headed pins preferably.
  • A white plate.
  • Much respect, faith and love.

Procedure to make the Offering to Oshún:

  1. On top of one end of the pumpkin, you will place the seven ribbons.
  2. Attach each ribbon with a separate pin.
  3. As you place each tape you will make a wish, until completing seven requests.
  4. Then you need to put the pumpkin on a white plate.
  5. The work should be placed at the entrance of the main door of your house, either inside or outside, and it will say:

"This pumpkin is going to receive all the negative energy that can enter my home."

  1. When the fruit begins to deteriorate, it means that you have picked up the bad because you are protecting your house and then you can renew the work again if you wish.
  2. To finish the work, he must take the pumpkin to the river when it is already in bad condition.

This powerful ofreda a Oshun to open roads You must do it with a lot of love and faith, while making her talk to Oshún, ask him for everything you want, tell him about everything that distresses you or saddens you.

This Orisha is very protective and compliant with everything that is asked of her from the heart and to do good.

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Other powerful offerings you can make in the name of Goddess Oshún:

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